Family Homestead Settlement

Medyn’ka Family Homestead Settlement

Kaluga oblast

Our settlement consists of families and people looking for a soul mate, and we are all united by a common idea – to live in harmony with Nature and the world around us.

Improving ourselves and harmonizing our Environment, we become happier People on the Planet Earth!

Quite young Medyn’ka Family Homestead is located in Kaluga region, Medynsky district. Our land is for agricultural purposes, in common ownership with a total area of 58 hectares.


Everyone gets a piece of the land with the property.

Our area is rich in mushrooms and wild strawberries and forest walking paths, both on foot and on horseback. In the lower reaches of the settlement originates river Medynka, there is a spring with delicious water.

Today we have a common house in the nearby village of Podolino, tractor and truck MAZ. The access road to the fields is in the process of construction, but without road some settlers have built houses and brought cabins on their land.

In each field, (we have 3 yet) it is scheduled redemption of the neighboring fields; we left the plots for the total area, on which is planned to built house, playgrounds, schools, shops and guest houses.

We need GOOD NEIGHBORS! Teachers, doctors, people loving and protecting nature, and also know how to create clean and bright images are particularly welcome.

We are pleased to welcome the skilled and hardworking people in our community!

We are the people, who perfect dwelling land, living in harmony with yourself and the World around us. We Are Happy People Of The Planet Earth!