Family Homestead Settlement

12 Families Founded Family Homestead on the Kuban Region

Family and rural homesteads return to Russia. Kuban is ahead of other regions. The idea of life away from the big cities on a single private land is becoming more popular. Who are they, these immigrants, why are they leaving the city and what purpose they serve?

Mikhail and Julia are city residents. He is a physicist from Moscow; she is a doctor from the Sverdlovsk oblast. In a new life on their land, they came to the conviction, with plans and serious intentions.

— This is my land, my plot, my homestead. Well, in a manner of speaking. So modestly. I hope that eventually it will be truly a homestead in every sense of this word: with a large garden, with a large household, with all sorts of interesting objects. I’m here four years, — said the owner of the family homestead Mikhail Ermakov.

There are more than 30 family homestead settlements in the region. Each settlement has its own characteristics. They share the basic request — one hectare of land.

— I bought this lot. He is in my ownership now. This is the land of agricultural purpose. — commented Mikhail Ermakov.

There are already 12 families in the Absheronsky district in this season. To get to the settlement without special equipment is not possible. The crew made sure of that. But the settlement is growing. The number of followers multiplied.

—I like that people leave cities to live on the land and engaged in self-organization. It is very useful. Living in the city, you shift the responsibility for health to one person, for work to another; someone unknown prepares for you a meal in the restaurant, and here you focus on your loved ones. In my opinion, this is very useful, said the mistress of the family homestead Yuliya Kalyanova.

For more than three years there is a bill on the family homestead in the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation. In the Krasnodar region for more than three years successfully implemented a regional law on rural households in rural settlements.

The Kuban legislators in the matter of the land were braver than the Federal project. According to the regional law it is possible to obtain not one but up to five hectares and government support. But first, the government has to be convinced that on this land you are really ready to be a real master.

— Almost all completed the organization of the rural estates. It means that it is organized some agricultural production. Because the program participant is the head of a farm. It’s not just cottage and entertainment. This is a Peasant farm, which works, pays taxes, creates jobs and produces products, — said Deputy Minister of agriculture and processing industry of Krasnodar region, head of Department of development of rural territories Ivan Doroshev.

To allocated land and owner not idle, provides 70 percent of compensation for house building on homestead and gives a grant of one million rubles for development. Nikolai Shcherbakov is candidate of agricultural sciences. He came to the private homestead with serious scientific justification:

— Was written a business plan. I collected a package of documents. I started to participate in this program. It turned out that I was the winner among 13 people. According to the business plan, the basis of our activity is the cultivation of fruit crops. There are nine fruit crops, pome fruits: Apple, quince, pear, peach, apricot, plum, cherry-plum, cherry, sweet cherry. Seedlings of all these crops we grow in farm. This is our locomotive. The main driving force.

The current situation in the industry experienced agricultural entrepreneur Shcherbakov calls unique. This year the state compensates the costs for the creation of new gardens in the amount of 230 thousand rubles for each hectare. The demand for seedlings is excessive. The optimism of the owner shares also the mistress of the homestead.


— There will be a refrigerator. This is the closest dream. Gardens. In these gardens will grow apples. We will sell apples and to grown seedlings, — said the mistress of the homestead Irina Shcherbakova.

Nikolay Shcherbakov is rare example of a combination of academic knowledge and practical experience. He is ideological and staunch supporter and participant in the merger of two main Russian wealth – people and   land.

— For the revival of the village it is needed to do something. State assistance is needed. Sometimes lack quite a bit of the farmer in the village. Sometimes lack of knowledge, sometimes material incentives, some hints, some help, — said the owner of the homestead, Nikolai Shcherbakov.

Family homesteads, rural homesteads… These concepts have come from the pages of textbooks on Russian history and come true. The number of people wants to have own land are increasing.