Family Homestead Settlement

Burukhino Family Homestead Settlement

Kemerovo oblast

Burukhino Settlement

Topkinskiy district (65 km away from Kemerovo).

Pretty strong village were abandoned in the result of the consolidation of the collective farms. In this village was a school, shops, a mill and a brick factory.

Only one local resident is left. There is a beautiful forest (birch and pine trees mainly). A small river Bolshoi Corchugan flows through the middle of the settlement. There is an opportunity to create a beach for kids.

We started construction of the first house in the summer of 2010. There are two vacant brick building for temporary accommodation.

8 people (including 3 children) live in 4 of 11 houses.

The rest are summer residents of Kemerovo. Last year we taught the child at home. This year we taking him to the neighboring village school (6 km).

The land is rich and fertile. We get started to breed bees.

We do not yet have a charter. We just take the land (1 ha) while we can, for free, at the village council.

There are light, dirt roads to the villages: Kornilovo (4 km), Mokrousovo (6 km), Tsapino (7 km). There is a bus 3 times daily.

It is planned to construct of common home, school and new type of store. There is an empty brick house for 4 families, suitable for living for a while.

There is a desire to create a small children’s settlement consisting of children’s homes with the construction of houses for families wishing to get custody of the children


There is a distant edge,

Where every day is beautiful

Where walks a lonely

Shadow of forgotten life.


Where is the soul sleep so sweet

Next to loving soul,

And the wisdom dreams every night,

The bringer of peace.


Every day is filled with happiness,

Joy and vanity,

And only howl of our cute seagulls

It’s a bit sad for me.


Where heart neighbors’

Will invite you to the bathhouse

And you’re in a hurry to tell

All the news.


I love its vastness,

River, glade, field,

And the lack of fences,

And gathering around the campfire.


Bursting as the stove in the evening

The wind blows through the pipe,

And softly melts a candle

As the sins in my life.


We are glad to meet,

To warm and to feed our guests.

Let the sun shine

And allow yourself to be happy.


Olga Romanchenko


Burukhino Family Homestead Settlement, Kemerovo oblast