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Images with Mistakes of the Past — Draw the Moral

You can, of course, ignore the fact that Anastasia splashed out a new way of thinking.

You can lose sight of that new way of thinking certainly generates new images.

But in spite of this does not disappear the fact of new. Remain images, generated by new thinking like new.

And the fact that today there are many different perceptions about the family homestead — is just proof that the idea of the family homestead presented to the world in a new way. We have heard the description, but we still need time to realize it. Here in this time there are a lot of perceptions.

For example:

I will say — tree. And people immediately start to imagine different trees. No one will image lake.

I’ll say — birch. And everybody will image birch, not pine.

Then I’ll say — Silver birch. And no one will be mistaken.

What does this mean? This means that all — and those who speak and those who listen have the same representation of the image.

And now remember where and when each learned that the birch is three, that there are pine and silver birch?

Yes, there were those people who gave us a description of what we saw. That child walks with mom in the park and sees birch, asks — What is it?

Child at the age of how’s and why’s — as determined by the parents a specific period of growing up of their children.

Then that same child goes to school, where they receive additional information about birch. And the image is clear before the ability to reproduce a picture in head from only one pronunciation — “the birch tree”.

And today, we are talking — “Family Homestead” and in the head there are different ideas. Moreover, there are situations when birch seems to be a pine tree.

To think that the one who first told about the image of the Family Homestead, told it using inaccessible language is impossible. There is evidence — creation of family homestead settlements.


So, what’s wrong?

And here’s another analogy.

Father leads a seven years old son to school for the first time, in order to get an education. The school has many classes, father and son know about it.

The dad doesn’t lead his son in the eleventh grade. He realizes that it’s stupid and ridiculous. Although theoretically — why not? It possible to sit at the desk, bypassing all the necessary conditions.

And now about the same as haste at school.

There is an understanding of what image of the family homestead, there is the idea.

But there is no implementation of the necessary steps in order to create the conditions for the idea of the family homestead was clear to one and all from only one pronunciation — “family homestead”.


Today the difference in perceptions is a result of haste. Hence appear different notions of the family homestead.

Someone sees it like a community element, others like the basis of the settlement, the third — element for the development of agriculture, the fourth — iterate of the old concepts and definitions. It is even possible to argue about whose idea of the family homestead is best of all. But the fact remains — saying today, “family homestead”, we get a jumble of pictures of the different point of view.

It happens because habitual thinking yields to no one place to new ideas. Because with the help of new thinking is born to light the idea of the family homestead.


If we insist that the Ringing Cedars of Russia book series contain nothing new, it means that the error of figurative period continues to lead. Because there, in the past, were Vedrussian (Vedic Russian) and family community. But… Thoughts of our ancestors at some moment produced incorrect images. And all people’s efforts were reduced to zero. Anastasia found the reason, and his awareness has created an image that excludes the repetition of mistakes. Ringing Cedars of Russia book series for the first time in history brought new ideas with a glance to realizing mistakes.


If it is just for a moment imagine that we are satisfied everything old and need to go back to it, then there arise conditions of difficulties for the realization of the idea was born considering the understanding of mistakes. After all, the awareness of mistakes with striving to prevent it in the future, in the same second gives birth to new thinking. Because such awareness is qualitatively different from all previous ones.


If today is accepted the direction of the embodiment of the old images, then we are not talking about the fact that Anastasia reminded the old or Ringing Cedars of Russia books did not instruct.

If the desire leads a person to the embodiment of the old images, it says about the choice: with information about new thinking, we prefer to think about old thing. People make such a choice individually.

Consciousness probably oscillates: what kind of choice should I make?

Exactly these oscillatory tendencies reflected a kaleidoscope of perceptions of ideas about the family homestead.

People define themselves, looking at each other, looking for support.

But the choice is a personal matter. If the neighbor was wrong and you accepted his choice as his own (out of respect or confidence), it would mean that two people will be mistaken.

In the books describe a picture of the past — how Vedrussian (Vedic Russian) began to build temples. Each family then built the temple. There were built many temples and the idea of communication with God was lost. But formerly this idea was recognizable by all. So people underestimated the power of the temples. Underestimated the power of the alien image.

The consequences are visible today.

Today we try to build temples again — everyone has their own idea about the way of the family homestead; there are a lot of representations of temples, but image is vaguer.

Of course, it is hard to imagine at once — what is it — a new way of thinking.

But there is always an inception, from which it is possible to start.

So the ideas presented in the Ringing Cedars of Russia book series are the result of new way of thinking, this books that told about it, New too.

Awareness of novelty of Ringing Cedars of Russia book series will be the Inception of the formation of new way of thinking.

Then all the images of the past take on a different significance.

Images with mistakes of the past cease to be a guide and serve as a good school to learn a lesson.