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How to Create Garden of Eden on Earth (abstract, Poland)


The abstract “How to Create Garden of Eden on Earth” to the diploma project “The influence of cultural and natural environment on the development of household plots”

Warsaw University of Life Sciences

Higher school of agriculture

Faculty of Landscape architecture and horticulture

The Department of Landscape architecture

Poland, Warsaw 2011

Author: Lubov’ Sankevich (Poland)

The abstract “How to Create Garden of Eden on Earth”

Alternative ways of thinking


The environment of the civilization created by us, determines our way of life. However, not all the inhabitants of the Earth want to live in such a way. There are many different organizations in the world that are trying to pay attention to what a devastating impact effect this way of life on the worldview, cultural heritage and on ourselves. In my opinion, landscape designers are people whose profession gives you the opportunity to see the negative effects of the development of modern civilization. They should support initiatives aimed at reducing this influence. One of these initiatives is the creation of family homesteads. The purpose of this activity is to report to the public of many countries of the idea that every person can leave the city, which is an artificial environment for people and they could live in such conditions where they will be closer contact with nature can return us those values which we forget. Such initiatives are taken in our country. This can be seen in various commercials for television and radio stations, newspapers and even the activities of local authorities. Moving from the city may be output and start the happy life of many young people who want to be closer to nature. Design and construction of such a family homestead struck me as interesting topic which has inspired me as a landscape designer.

The aim of this work is the implementation of the project of the family homestead in which the life of its inhabitants will be in tune with the philosophy of Anastasia, described by Vladimir Megre.

Eden on Earth

People live in abundance and everyone could be enjoying in the Garden of Eden.

We have everything we need

In the existing conditions of the earth’s climate there was no need to worry about food, because the world was created so that we have everything we need.

Fruits to eat – just pluck and eat immediately.

– Fertile land.

– Animals who are happy to serve us.

– Clean water for drinking and bathing.

Planet Earth

It’s a gift for you

Build for yourself in the garden shelter from the wind and cold and live in it happily.

What we have done with this paradise…

The desire to earn money + consumerism = dump

Ruinous economy + huge urban sprawl = big hole in the ground

Here will not grow anything edible

Here also will not grow anything edible

Energy sources

Today we use coal combustion to produce electrical and thermal energy.

Coal mines permanently alter the landscape and destroy the natural environment.

Smoke from burning contains a lot of components harmful to the environment and human health.

Why do we breathe?

Do we really want to leave our children a lunar landscape?

Nature will not be able to overgrow this wound.

(Extraction of coal by open method)

Sources of clean and free energy

  • Solar energy
  • Windmill
  • Watermill


Cars have become so affordable that almost every family has two cars. However, because of the huge traffic jams on the roads to move using car is almost impossible.

To work far away from house makes no sense.

Gasoline prices are constantly rising!

Walking with your child down the street early in the morning you will not be able to breathe fresh air.

Asphalted and concreted ground did not give birth to anything.


Transport of the Future

  • Unfortunately, the oil companies have a huge impact on car production and prevent the production of electric vehicles.
  • The horse doesn’t need electricity and gasoline; she doesn’t need to change broken parts….
  • Clean water is the most important indicator of the correct path of development of our “wonderful civilization”.
  • If we all want to live “comfortably” in the city, what are we going to eat here? Where do foods come from? When it’s all moved to the city, who will grow food, who will love the land?

Rest in front of the TV will give you strength…

Ecology of urban housing leaves much to be desired… TV is the only entertainment. You are programmed on consumerism. You will buy what you were said. You will convince that the world is safe. Will show you how to raise children, what to wear, who to vote for, who you are! The separation of man from nature and placing it in an artificial information field makes him a bio-technical robot.


People, turn off the TV and turn on the brain!!!

Rest at the lap of the nature

What our children play?

  • The child from birth is ready to learn everything.
  • The placement of a child in a sterile, artificial environment prevents the knowledge of the world.
  • What can kids learn from a piece of plastic? Only the fact that a broken toy to be thrown away.
  • Manufacture of toys which break on the second day leads to environmental pollution.
  • We do not understand our children and they don’t understand us. There is no possibility to understand each other, because from birth we give them the education of our “wonderful civilization.”


The food in the shop.

Why we are not eating fresh food?

  • Monoculture
  • Artificial fertilizers and pesticides
  • Genetically modified food
  • The one who eats the mutant becomes a mutant
  • Allergy
  • Overweight


Healthy Eating

Growing vegetables and fruit for one family you do not need to plant the entire plantation. Food from your garden is healthier and tastier than food from the store. Composting of plant residues improves the soil and there is no need to feed it with artificial fertilizers. In small groups, separated by the flowers, plants do not get sick. Planting around the garden trees for birds, such as hawthorn, cherry, rowan and sloe, be sure that you will not have pests.

Diseases of civilization

  • overweight
  • anorexia
  • alcoholism
  • drug addiction
  • allergy
  • gluttony
  • hunger
  • depression


  • Why wild animals don’t get sick and being ill?
  • In what book cat read which plants are medicinal and which are poisonous?
  • People are stupider than animals?
  • What happened to our ability to recognize medicinal plants?
  • Benefit to the person’s life in a sterile environment since birth?
  • Why do we prohibit our children to learn, observe nature?

Work in the city

  • A huge number of people gathered in one place promotes the development of epidemics.
  • Work on “fresh air” and in “pleasant atmosphere”.
  • Bio-technical robot
  • Man has forgotten to eat.
  • How healthy is the dream on the way to work in subway?
  • Does person not know when he wants to eat without mountain of papers?

You can work at any time in your garden and you can do it together with you children.

Wise plants

The flower opens its petals when the sun rises and closes, when the sun goes down. They are united in harmony with each other. Trillions of miles and light years are unable to separate them.

They are together — the great sun and little earthly flower. They know that only together they are the creators of the great harmony of the universe.

But not only the sun reacts with earth, but also each blade of grass. Responds to other planets, responds to the person, the energy of his feelings.

Researchers conducted such an experiment. Indoor flower were connected to sensors and needle registered the slightest energy pulses emanating from the flower.

Several people entered the room by turn. The first one walked by, the second came up and watered the flower, the third came and pluck the leaf.

Instruments recorded that when comes the person who tears off a leaf, the plant begins to worry and the indicator needle is deflected.

It is observed such a phenomenon: the flowers fade when the owner leaves.

It means, we understand that all plants react to human.

Plants can like or not like the person. Therefore, love or a dislike to tell its planets.

People working on their land become healthier, friendlier and live longer.

Space of Love

  • Space of Love it is a space in which every living being knows and loves you.
  • To create a Space of Love it would be nice to have space and give your love to every living creature that lives in this space — plants, animals, beloved husband or wife, and your children.
  • Love does not live in close quarters.
  • Love needs space; it does not tolerate the limitations of space.
  • Love cannot long exist in a city apartment.
  • Wolves that live in the zoo die of a heart attack.
  • The apartment on the 10th floor is the same cage.

What we strive for?

Questions beget questions:

  • What is the homeland?
  • Who owns the land?
  • What do we eat?
  • Do we have the choice?
  • Who we are?
  • What do we have?
  • What can we leave for our children?
  • How many times during the day you’re being watched through the camera?

The answers beget further questions:

  • The place where we were born?
  • What you can do on their land without the permission of the authorities?
  • Chemistry?
  • Who would you choose?
  • Bio-technical robot?
  • A place in the cemetery?
  • Lunar landscape?
  • 300?


An alternative proposal

Homeland consists of many homes, where each family cares about the welfare of their land. The torment, the destruction of the earth — a crime against yourselves and your children. When you live on your own land and drink water from your own well, you do not pour the poison into water, and do not fill chemistry in food.

Let each of us take a little plot of land, collect all your mind and all your spirituality and create a small, but concrete Paradise.

Turn a small piece of land on the big planet into a blooming garden, materializing their spirituality, like God did.

If it makes millions of people in different countries, the whole Earth will be a blooming garden, and there will be no wars because millions of people will be passionate about great creation.

The purpose of man is to improve the living environment for themselves and their children, not destroying it!

Give a Home

  • Everyone should have the right to receive free of charge from 1 to 2 hectares of land for lifetime use with right of inheritance, without the right to sale and division for creation of family homestead.
  • There is a law adopted 05.08.2009 in Ukraine, according to which each person can receive 2 hectares of land.
  • Land and land-grown crops can’t be taxed.
  • The person is the owner of the land! Nobody has the right to dispose of his land without the owner’s permission.
  • Only the owner of the land has the right to decide what to do on this land.

The Duma adopted the Family Homestead Law. In unison, millions of Russian families began to plant gardens and forests on their land. And started to flourish Russia…

In what year was this? It hasn’t happened yet? Why? Who stirs? Who does not allow flourish Russia?

Family Homestead Settlement

People began to write a Declaration and create the family homestead without a Decree about them. Without the help from the government they are doing projects at their own expense and planting young gardens. The Earth will flourish. Be good on the Earth!!