Family Homestead Settlement

Gorskiy Stroy. Ekaterina Salomahina Talks about Embroidery. Zvon-Gora Family Homestead Settlement, Belarus

It started with my neighbor Zhenya — he introduced me to the Belarusian folk dance and as an integral part of it — Belarusian national stroy. Stroy is a folk costume; we are getting better (stroy, vystraivatsia — line up, getting better) inside and outside, and outside we are getting better by clothes also. And this type of Belarusian clothing is very interesting: its style and its embroidery. We have collected together with Zhenya the costumes for the dance and here we go!

Olesya, my neighbour, wanted to sew their own shirt, and I’ve convinced her to do it in Belarusian traditions. While she sewed for herself, I did a shirt for husband and children. Of course, we were guided by the extant knowledge on creating a costume of the 19th and early 20th centuries. But it is clear that much had already been lost by this time. So we allowed ourselves to derogate from the canons, we also used Vedic knowledge and intuition, I also relied on the children’s choice when I was embroidering clothes for my son and daughter. So was born a new for our settlement and Belarus title — Gorsky stroy (this title invented Olesya, and everyone liked it). It combines Belarusian archaic cut ornaments, the sincerity of manufacture, as well as new — characteristic only for our area, mix of patterns and their placement.


Ekaterina Salomahina