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Elena Tychinina. How to Live a Happy Life in Family Homestead


I want to share with you how to reach a happy life in family homestead most quickly and efficiently. The information is based on my personal experience and experience of my friends.

  1. You need to get acquainted thoroughly with yourself, to learn to live in harmony with your heart, mind and soul. To feel your destination. (Maybe you don’t need a family homestead).
  2. It is necessary to establish good relations with the closest relatives. You need to accept them as they are. Tell them about your worldview and strongly defend it, but without aggression, for the cancellation of opposition from relatives. You’re going to create family homestead!
  3. If you don’t have soulmate who share the same dream with you — find her/him!
  4. Together! Start looking for your land. Start to travel, to live in tents, with friends, etc. Start to see with your own eyes, feel with your own hearts. Follow your feelings. If you find your land, everything will get easy and simple: land registration, good neighbors, paradise beauty… in addition, everything that you plant on you land, will grow and thrive.
  5. Before moving to land, determine the source of income for your family, usually there are no industrial enterprises in the settlements. You can learn new craft which will bring you income. There are many options.
  6. It is necessary to discuss with your soulmate all possible interactions.
  7. Life is an echo. What you sent out, comes back.

Of course, people have different circumstances. It happens that single people decide to create a family homestead for a number of reasons. Most importantly, in my opinion, to take responsibility for your life.

Good luck and happy creation of family homesteads!

Transcript of the Zvezdnoe (Stellar) Family Homestead Settlement:

1 – Oak grove, fragment of a circle

2 -Apple orchard (apple trees mainly, pine, pear, hawthorn, blooming and fruit-berry bushes around the circumference of the small inner circle)

3 – The cherry orchard (cherries mainly, plums, blackthorn, honeysuckle, etc.)

4 – Birch grove (birch mainly, maples, oaks, linden, Manchurian walnut and shrub)

5 – Pear orchard (pears mainly, apples, hawthorn, rowan, shrubs)

6 – Plum orchard (plum mainly, cherries, shrub)

7 – The outer circle — pines, cedars, firs and other conifers; inside the circle — cedar word “HAPPINESS”

8 – Apiary on the meadow with single trees: walnut, honey

9 – Vegetable garden inside an oak grove, on the inner circle — fruit-berry bushes

10 – There is a pond, fed by springs, rainfall and melt water

11 – Hedge (shrub, pine, plum, cherry, oak, small-leaved elm, elderberry, dogwood, mountain ash, catalpa, apricot, etc.)

12 – Larch forest on slope of ravine

13 – “LOVE” cedar word

14 -Yard with flower beds, a summer canopy, bath, outbuildings. Red roof is a house with a veranda (turquoise roof)

15 – The main gate, the entrance to the Family Homestead Settlement


Much has been planted, there is an apiary, pond was deepened by an excavator. So much unseen, so much to know. Here it is – a life without boredom!


A real late autumn came

In a dark grey-brown brown robe.

Through the menacing clouds, sometimes,

The strip will flicker suddenly a golden bright flame.

And enchanting rain will fall to the ground

Morning paint sparkling frost

Cloud will throw in us handful of prickly snow

And will leave in a glowing settlement.

Peace, quiet and unhurried days.

No haste and books are read.

Remember the summer of the southern seas:

There in the waves now ride the winds…

Everything is prepared for winter: leaf fall calm down,

Branches propped the vault of the sky,

Flocks of birds were gathering near the housing,

Fields are waiting for blanket of snow.