Family Homestead Settlement

Divoslavne Family Homestead Settlement


Cherkasy oblast, Zvenigorod district.

The settlement is developing on the territory of the Kobyliaky village and adjacent to village lands. Family homesteads are created on agricultural farms and lands beyond the village on the area of 11.4 hectares.

The project to establish a family homestead originated in the Gromenko family in the summer of 2003. The first plot of land for family homestead was received in January 2006, homestead began to develop actively since the spring of 2007 (now Medovy ‘Honey’ Guy family homestead covers an area of 5 hectares on which grow more than 170 kinds of herbal and woody plants).

Vyacheslav and Larisa Gromenko have made a significant contribution to the creation of the settlement.

Products manufactured in the settlement: honey and bee products; melliferous, medicinal, deciduous, evergreen and coniferous plants and seeds; organic grain and cereals; whole wheat flour, organic fruits and vegetables; nuts; green manure crops; tips for creating forest-garden and the cultivation of environmentally friendly products, tips for beekeepers.

Together with the neighboring Sotvorichi settlement we are celebrating such holidays as Easter, Kupala Night, Svetovid, Kolyada, the Great blessing of waters etc; cleaning the territory of settlements, roadsides, planting trees.