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Flower Kids Club, Skazochny Kray Family Homestead Settlement


Family Homestead Settlement is a place where it is possible to realize your dreams. This is a story about the embodiment of an interesting idea one of the inhabitants of the Skazochny Kray Settlement.

Valentina Tikhonova. “The idea of establishing a children’s club appeared recently, after the birth of our first daughter and moving to the settlement. I had a big desire to organize a space for children for their development in harmony with nature and other people, but the arrangement of the homestead pushed this desire to the background. Daughter grows up and comes into the age when communication in the family is not enough, she needs the company, and the desire grew into an intention, which recently came true.

Our Flower Kids Club was opened as soon as weather got better (spring was rainy).

Classes are held in the gazebo on the Prazdnichnaya (Holiday) glade. The main tasks of the Flower Kids Club:

– to unite all of our kids together (all ages),

– to teach them work together, mutual assistance and team games, the ability to make decisions and take responsibility for them,

– immersed in the creative process for the development of imagination and natural curiosity,

– cultivate love for sport and work in children,

–  to help them develop their emotional intelligence.

Often classes at children’s clubs aimed at the entertainment and education of children that causes boredom and Humpty Dumpty hanging out. In order that the child could think of things to do, we put away cartoons (even educational) and left a minimal amount of educational toys. Think about why kids need all those toys, look at the shop windows — they are flooded with toys, it is better to give them their time. We grew up playing in the yard, cuddling with books, balls and crayons.

Flower Kids Club will grow and develop together with the children; they will be owner and dreamers in it. Children will embody their good intentions, and we will only help them. Our main criterion of success is the laughter of children, which spread increasingly during the games in a Skazochny Kray Family Homestead Settlement.”