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Cedar Pendant – Everything You Need To Know

Cedar pendants were one of the first features in Vladimir Megre’s first book in the Ringing Cedars of Russia series, ‘Anastasia’. When Vladimir first met Anastasia’s Grandfather, he was wearing a cedar pendant and described the amazing properties of the Ringing Cedar when he was trying to convince Vladimir and his ships crew to go and chop this rare cedar down and share the pieces of it with friends and loved ones. We later found out that Anastasia did not agree with this and we know from the books that the Ringing Cedar described was not chopped down.

Is the cedar pendant made of the wood from a Ringing Cedar?

The short answer is no. Our pendants are made from Siberian cedar wood. The ringing cedars described in Vladimir Megre’s books are a rare thing and all Siberian cedar contains a very powerful energy. Simply spend a bit of time in the Taiga and you will see – touch a cedar tree, a normal one, not a ringing cedar and you will feel the cosmic energy. Any piece of Siberian cedar contains the same properties with time.

How to wear the cedar pendant?

“The old man said this was a special cedar. The piece of it had to be worn on the chest, on a string. Moreover, you had to put it on while standing barefoot in the grass and with your left hand pressed to your bared chest. A minute later you would feel a pleasant warmth emanating from the cedar, and then a light shudder would pass through your body.

From time to time, when the desire arose, you would need to use your fingertips to polish the side of the piece of cedar that did not touch the body, holding it with your thumbs on the other side. The old man confidently asserted that three months later the person possessing the piece of ringing cedar would feel a significant improvement in his well-being and would be healed of many diseases.” –  from Anastasia by Vladimir Megre

Energy of the Cedar

The old man said, “God created the cedar as a reservoir for the energy of the Cosmos. A man in the state of love gives off an emission. In a fraction of a second it reflects off the planets sailing above the person and once more reaches Earth, giving life to everything alive. The Sun is one of the planets that reflects far from the full spectrum of this emission. Only emissions of the forces of light go from the person into the Cosmos. And only a beneficial emission returns from the Cosmos to Earth.

“A dark emission comes from someone abiding under the influence of pernicious feelings. A dark emission cannot ascend but rather falls deep into the Earth. After it is reflected off the bowels of the Earth it returns to the surface in the form of volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and wars. The highest achievement of a reflected dark emission is the effect on man of its rays, which strengthen the pernicious feelings directly inside him.

“The cedar lives for five hundred and fifty years. Its millions of needles catch and accumulate light energy, its entire spectrum, day and night. During the cedar’s lifetime, all the bodies that reflect the energy of the forces of light pass over it. Even a small cedar has more energy that is beneficial to man than all the man-made energy installations on Earth put together.

“The cedar takes in the energy that comes from man and through the Cosmos, stores it, and, at the right moment, gives it back. Gives it back when there is not enough of it in the Cosmos, which means in man and everything living and growing on Earth.”

History of Cedar

The magic of the cedar tree has been acknowledged for centuries by a variety of different groups of people. The ancient druids used a cedar chalice and called it the ‘cup of life’, in ancient practices in Iran, they used cedar resin in the ceremony for the coronation of the king.

In Sumer, it is said that the God’s of Mesopotamia lived in a Cedar Forest. The Phoenicians built their warships out of cedar, and the bible mentions the word Cedar 42 times in the Old Testament. Assyrian kings used amulets made of cedar to persuade the lords of other kingdoms to listen to their opinions, and the women of Assyria wore such amulets for the love spell of the man they loved.

Needless to say, the history of cedar speaks for itself, without a shadow of a doubt, cedar trees are incredibly powerful no matter which form it is used in.

Healing Properties of Cedar

Pieces of this tree are able to be a cleansing agent and heal, as well as restore the destroyed bio field. Cedar also helps to relieve fatigue and stress. It has been noticed that people who are constantly in contact with cedar (carpenters, wood carvers) have excellent health. And there is no doubt about this because they are constantly in touch with its energy.

Cedar pendants should be worn so that it is in contact with the body. If its colour changes, then the cedar is working together with you. We have also found at certain times when a person wears a cedar pendant often, the little piece of cedar begins to give off a pleasant perfume-like scent that is completely unique to the person wearing it.

Cedar the protector

In our modern lives we are constantly exposed to different forms of electromagnetic radiation, through cellphones, wireless technology, x-ray machines – to name a few. Cedar wood is a fantastic protector from electromagnetic radiation.

The cedar wood absorbs electromagnetic radiation, and this is a really good reason to place a piece of cedar in a room where you spend a lot of time.

Cedar being nearby, protects a person by reducing the harmful effects of radiation on the body. Place a piece of cedar near your computer, laptop, tablet or phone. The most important aspect is that the cedar is in close proximity to the source of radiation or with your body – such as a cedar pendant. At the same time, the piece of cedar acts as a natural aromatherapy, relieving nervous tension that is most often accumulated during long work at the computer.

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