Family Manufacturing

The Force of Nature From The Taiga

In 1998, our company began with the first product – a cedar cone in a box with instructions for planting. 

Since then, our mission has been to bring the force of nature and the brightest energy to touch many lives through our products and through those created on Kin’s Domains. A physical manifestation of the bright dreams set forth in the Ringing Cedars of Russia series. 

Over time, our production on our own piece of taiga has taken on an energy of its own, from becoming custodians of the piece of forest that surrounds it, to transforming the entire production process to be completely waste free, the force and energy of nature is transmuted into bottles of healing oils and nourishing treats that travel all over the world, so that you can also experience this bright energy. 

So how do we ensure that the force of nature is transferred into our products?

1. Revival of the technology of our Ancestors

Our cedar oil is produced according to ancient Siberian technology, which has been used for hundreds of years. We have been restoring it to the smallest detail for a long time, and this technology is what we are proud of.

Unfortunately, the modern rhythm of life has made our generations forget about much that their ancestors did. But this unhurried pacemanual work, the absence of chemical additives in products and cosmetics, healing methods with natural means is what bring us closer to nature and truly preserves health.

2. Custodians of our piece of Taiga and its force

Since 2006, we have had our own piece of taiga – 127 hectares that was entrusted to us by the state, for 50 years. This was an initiative of the local residents and the decision was not easy, but now we understand that this is how we have a new level of relationship with the taiga. Now, this is our special pride and one of the secrets of how to keep the living cedar energy in our products.

In the early 2000s, entrepreneurs became interested in cedar oil, and brigades began to arrive in the taiga. They extracted the cone using cruel methods and knocked it down with metal stabs. They didn’t care about the consequences. And after that, the cedar trees diedThen the locals asked Sergey Megre to take the taiga under his wing. Since our production has been here for a long time and the foresters trusted us, the taiga was entrusted to us.

Since then, we have been taking care of it, cleaning it of debris, protecting it from fires, looking for bark beetles and calling doctors from forestry. But the main thing is that we protect it from poachers and their consumer attitude.

3. Waste Free Production

We believe that every piece of the cedar is important, from the nut to the cone – it all plays a part and has its own unique energy. This is why we utilise everything that we receive from the cedar. We use the nuts for oil and cedar cake, the cone is pressed for powerful cedar cone oil – Megre Elixir. Each piece that is a gift from the Taiga is used to its full potential, highlighting the magic and power of each element, bringing the force of this nature into the product.

We are grateful to share this energy with you!