Family Homestead Settlement

Bashkiria: Back to the Nature

10 km away from the Krasnousolsky (rural locality), in a picturesque area located Krasnaya Polyana Family Homestead Settlement. Participants of the Russian Family Homestead Settlement Movement, which is gaining force in our region live here.

On the plot of settler Sergey Timofeev. Author photo.

Five years ago inhabitants of the Krasnousolsky looked at the new neighbors with disbelief. “Sectarians,” “hermits” – everything that new and strange, certainly acquires hearings and conjectures. It is now clear that there is no represent the threat. On the contrary, people voluntarily undertook to perform the task, which the authorities spent years trying to solve, coming up with various programs to develop the overgrown weeds of the vast country.
The movement arose under the influence of “Ringing cedars of Russia” series by Vladimir Megre. One of the key idea is the implementation of the “Family Homestead” concept. To equip the homestead is necessary to have a plot of land measuring not less than 1 hectare dedicated to family in a free use without the right of sale, but with the right of succession by right. The ideology is simple and clear: to live and to work in harmony with nature, to raise kids, to master the production of environmentally friendly products, to raise the people’s craft, to develop rural tourism.
It was given over 40 plots, 95 hectares in size for the Krasnaya Polyana Family Homestead Settlement. 4 families live here year-round. Others build houses. It is the people of Sterlitamak, Ufa, Salavat and other cities. There are even citizen of Canadian descent.
The settlement is still at a very early stage of its development, but already it is clear that the area is restored. Grow slowly the trees planted by the settlers. The main activity today is the collection of Ivan-tea, beekeeping, soap-making and the production of natural cosmetics, manufacturer of wooden figures, clothing made. Products sell in the city fairs, festivals, and also through specialty Sterlitamak stores – “Cedar Bench” and “Tower of Health”. A lot of plans, one of them – the development of tourism. Most important, according to inhabitants of the Krasnousolsky that local authorities get the idea, they saw that “alien” are really working, so go forward in many matters.
Most importantly, what are we waiting such settlements (there are 22 settlements in the Republic of Bashkortostan), – adoption of Family Homestead law at least at the regional level. It would have solved many problems with the land registration.
14 Dec 2016