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“A Gift From The Sky” or How I Went To The Cedar House Tour

This is the story of our winner of the “Cedar House” contest. Finally, she has already fulfilled her dream!

“Fate leads us amazingly! Everything is clearly thought out by the Higher forces, even the smallest details! I don’t take part in any promotions, I don’t buy any “gifts”. And this time I just wanted to visit Taiga, the Cedar House. And I just really love the books, the ideas of Vladimir Megre and Anastasia, and I love the products of the company “Ringing Cedars” very much.  I registered codes on the site. And three days after my birthday, I found out that I won the grand prize! I really wanted to touch the Cedars, to feel the power, the greatness of Taiga, to live in the Cedar House – the House of God. There was a feeling that there would be a cleansing of the soul, the beginning of a new stage of my development.


And here we flew to Novosibirsk! And we are on the way to the village Kandaurovo, where cedar oil manufactory is located! Siberia has presented us with very warm, sunny weather for this time. It was almost +15 C on Saturday, +19 C on Sunday!


As soon as we entered the Cedar House, it enveloped us with such a favorite scent, and struck me with its furnishings: walls made of cedar logs, a table, dishes on the table, benches, carved beds — everything was made of cedar wood. We asked to light the fireplace and the atmosphere became warmer at that moment. All pictures were framed with unusual frames, cedar branches on the couch and on the bedside table, candles, a telescope to watch the stars, breakfast on the table, designed like a work of art – everything created a fairytale feeling!


After breakfast, we met with Elena, the head of manufactory. Next day we went to Taiga to the Bazoi village with our guide Fedor (the former forester). I approached the cedars, stroked their trunks, tried to “dissolve” in the sense of taiga. I felt calm, harmony, slowness. Yes, it turned out just to get acquainted with Cedars, Taiga. To make friends, you need to come here for a long time, and maybe forever.


After the excursion to the Cedar trees there was a delicious lunch made from natural products, and a excursion at the manufactory. And it struck me how much devices had to be invented, to create Cedar nut and cone oils. I learned that they took the technique for the processing of grain as a basis. I also liked the pictures based on the books of V. Megre, which were transferred to Elena by an artist from Kazakhstan who visited the Cedar House.

And after three o’clock in the afternoon, we began the process of preparing the oil ourselves. We had two sacks of cedar cones, which we first “rushed”, then sifted the nuts from the scales of the lumps, sifted from the dust, sieved again, sifted from the shell, from the empty nuts. And so on and on. Then it was necessary to calibrate them – to separate the nuts of 8 mm from the nuts of 7 mm. Check again, sift again. Then grind in the mill, again sweep, sift. Manually, it is very difficult to do all this procedures, patience and endurance are needed just by the greatest. After that, we received the long-awaited kernels and they must be sorted out. And , the neck and back began to ache from this sedentary work, the legs became numb, eyes got tired. For five hours of work, we only got 900 grams of kernels. And this is with the help of Sergey and Tatiana! Without them, we would not have managed this for a week! And to get the oil, you need to lay in the press no less than 3 kg of pine nut kernels, otherwise the press will not work. We first began to whine that we do not need a lot of oil – 100 ml each, and that’s enough. We wanted to be more in the taiga, on the air, in the sun.

And in the evening after dinner, after a sleepless night of flight, tired, tortured, we went to the bathhouse prepared for us by Fedor. It seemed that we were born again! When we came out of the banya, and looked at the sky … We don’t have the same sky in Moscow! The stars are big, and the sky was filled by them! I felt something magical!


We slept like babies on herbal cushions, under herbal blankets. And Cedar House treated us, healed us. At night, I suffered from a cold and cough, and the next morning everything went away. The next day, before breakfast, we had time to walk up to the birch forest, enjoy the freshness of the morning. When we returned, we were greeted by the aroma of the most delicious and very beautiful buns freshly baked by our hostess Tatyana, and the breakfast, which was even pitiful to eat. So Tatiana did everything beautifully. Simply created masterpieces!

After breakfast, we continued to create our own oils. We have already dealt with the kernel clearing. Sergey provided us with the missing 2 kg of kernel. However, how cleverly, quickly Tatiana sorted it! Thank you very much! Without you, we would have never done it. Finally, Sergey put them into the press, and … the first trickle of oil appeared! I also tried to work on this device to create the necessary pressure to get the oil. I could do it only with two hands – this is not a job for women.

In the evening, Fedor drove us on a quad bike through the village streets with picturesque houses. We made a photo session, admired the sprawling beauty of a pine, and listened to the story of Fedor about a pine strip stretching for several kilometers, planted by a previous forester. We returned after sundown, and we had a farewell dinner by candlelight …  Sleep in the Cedar House is powerful, 2.5 hours was enough to sleep to get up at 3 am and go to the Airport. Thanks to the company “Ringing Cedars” for such a wonderful idea -Cedar House tour!

At the airport, I saw a snowflake on the sign “Tolmachevo Airport.” It turns out that the snowflake is a symbol of Siberia … Siberia also gave some tips for my future life. And I want to understand what the word SIBERIA means? As once came the realization that Cedar is the Energy of the Soul of Far ages Parents. Thank you, Far Ages Parents, that you are helping to walk the right path. It would be great to remember the knowledge that you had before, to restore them. Recover your generation. ”