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Taste of childhood

I always choose desserts and sweets very carefully. The development of the food industry has reached a global scale, however the quality isn’t always the best.

Each generation of sweet lovers notes that the taste of food, including sweets, is not the same. How do you feel when suddenly tastes something sweet and it reminds of the candies you used to have in childhood??

I love this feeling, though it doesn’t happen often in my life!
I even thought that the traditional Russian recipes of natural sweets have sunk into oblivion! But they haven’t!

Do you remember the cedar bars produced by MegreLLC I mentioned previous time? I found out they are not the only sweets in the products range!

My boyfriend had a sore throat a few days ago! Even though it is May outside, we are having cold days sometimes it even snows! Can you imagine that?

We decided to try these cedar cough drops!
I gave these wonderful lollipops to help with sore throat to my boyfriend. The next day he felt much better, but he didn’t stop eating them!  I tasted as well and understood why! Now I always have one pack of cedar drops in my bag for every day. They are tasty!

By the way, they are without dyes (have a natural color components ) and without sugar, which is very important for preserving the teeth intact.

Your child will definitely like them for their taste and you will appreciate them for properties! My inner child is glad too😁