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Full bath-shell

With the whole collection of cedar creams and soaps you are confident that your skin is well protected 24/7.


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Present for family

Products details:

Here is a present to make sure you have everything in your bath for a long time. 
Cedar creams are unique because they mobilize the body’s resources, cleanse and revitalize skin cells andmakes them function properly. Since the natural components are rich in vitamins, antioxidants, nutrients and fatty acids, they saturate the skin with all necessary elements.
Soaps are are proud of their natural composition as well. They are made "cold" which means it is not heated above 40 degrees, and therefore retains all it’s natural elements including vitamins, provitamins and amino acids, which are necessary for nutrition and protection of the skin.

How to use:

Cleanse the skin of impurities with soaps then nourish and restore with creams.

What’s inside:

Сedar Cream Balm Daytime Facial, 30 ml.
Cedar Cream Balm Anti-Aging, 30 ml.
Massage Cedar Cream Balm, with Chaga
Cedar Cream Balm Nighttime Facial, 30 ml.
Cedar Cream Balm for Foot, 30 ml.
Shaving Soap with Cedar Resin, 80 g.
Milk&Honey Body Soap, on the basis of Cedar Nut Oil, 80 g.
Soap-Shampoo on the basis of Taiga herbs, 80 g.
Scrub-Soap with Cedar Nut Shell, 80 g.

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