Cedar Chewing Gum with Larch Resin, 8 pieces in blister Buy Online — MegreLLCCedar Chewing Gum with Larch Resin, 8 pieces in blister Buy Online — MegreLLC
Резинка жевательная из живицы лиственницы
Резинка жевательная блистер для всех

Cedar Chewing Gum with Larch Resin, 8 pieces in blister


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with Larch Resin, 8 pieces in blister


  • 100% natural purified resin;
  • 8 pieces in blister, 0.8 grams;
  • Sugar Free, Preservatives Free, Dyes Free.


  • Resin has anti-inflammatory, wound healing, analgesic and tonic action;
  • Cedar nut oil fulfills a regenerative function, providing the body with all the necessary building substances.


  • Protects the oral cavity and neutralizes the influence of different factors (tobacco smoke, smog, exhaust fumes);
  • Strengthens teeth and gums, reduces inflammation of the gums, purifies the mouth from food debris. Promotes self-cleaning of the teeth and gums;
  • Ensures the prevention of oral cavity diseases such as stomatitis, tooth decay, periodontal disease;
  • Freshens breath and eliminates harsh odors after eating onions, garlic, and alcohol;
  • Reduces smoking desire.

Recommendations for use:

  • Dry Mouth (Xerostomia);
  • Inflammation of the gums in the form of applications on the sore place;
  • Before using the product need to be warmed up in the mouth for 5-8 seconds. Chew after meals for 15-20 minutes, pre-rinse mouth with water.


  • Acute forms of periodontal disease, individual intolerance.

Special instructions:

  • Do not chew gum on an empty stomach;
  • It is not recommended to chew gum directly after a meal;
  • Safe on frequency of use.
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Dimensions9 x 1 x 5 cm

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