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Cedar Chewing Gums
Chewing gum has become a common part in the life of modern man. We use it every day. However, have you ever thought what chemicals enter our body when we chew it? Meanwhile, chewing gum is not an invention of the modern world; people have been using it for oral care and healing purposes for a long time. Even the notes of Siberian travelers of the 18th century mention that the indigenous people were constantly chewing cedar resin. We are reviving these original healthy traditions.
“Ringing Cedars of Russia” Siberian Cedar chewing gum is 100% natural. It consists of cedar resin with addition of dried wild berries, cedar oilcake and bee propolis. Cedar chewing gum does not contain any dyes, preservatives, sugar or any extra elements, only valuable natural components from the Taiga. We collect resin in ecologically clean areas of the country from healthy trees, which produce the resin naturally without being damaged by men, for Siberian Cedar resin chewing gum production.
The product range includes three kinds of organic cedar chewing gums: cedar resin, larch resin and cedar-larch resin.
Properties of the cedar chewing gums:
Siberian cedar chewing gum gently and quickly cleans the mouth after a meal, freshens the breath and removes odors from onions, garlic, alcohol and smoking. In addition, it has a number of healing properties:

Wound healing and antiseptic effect, helps to cure inflammation and wounds on the gums.
It is used as treatment in cases of acute toothache.
Constant use strengthens teeth and gums.
It relieves problems with respiratory tract, helps healing angina and other acute respiratory diseases.
It neutralizes the impact of the harmful environmental factors (tobacco smoke, exhaust gases, etc) on the body.
Reduces the urge to smoke, and long-term use helps to quit the habit.
Eliminates dryness in mouth, promotes saliva secretion in case of diabetes.
Helps children to develop chewing muscles and shape a proper bite.

It is also necessary to know:

Cedar resin has a solid crystallized structure, so in order not to get hurt, keep in mouth for a few seconds to warm.
It does not cause allergies and has no side effects; it can be chewed for a long time. For the best effect, t it is recommended at least 20-25 minutes chewing, longer than the usual gum.
Due to the fact that the gum is a natural and safe product it is allowed for children to use as well.

How to buy cedar chewing gum?

You can always order Cedar resin chewing gum from our online shop., the official store of the “Ringing Cedars” manufacturing company. All kinds of chewing gum are always available. Buying via our website, you can be sure of the product is original and the quality, shelf life and the price are the best.
Payment for purchases are made online via PayPal or credit card. Delivery direct to your door.
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