Cedar & Honey Bar "Energy"  Buy Online — MegreLLCCedar & Honey Bar "Energy"  Buy Online — MegreLLC
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Cedar & Honey Bar "Energy" 


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“Energy” Cedar & Honey Bar created specifically to feed us with the strength throughout the day. Constituent of pine squirrels have optimum energy value, which allows gentle to recharge the body, not giving him an extra workload. Moreover they are well absorbed by the body. Natural honey not only gives a wonderful flavor, but also carries a set of health enhancing components.

Ingredients: puffed rice, oat bran, cedar cake, cedar nuts, honey.

Weight: 30 g

Shelf life: 10 months.

Nutritional value per 100 g: protein: 13 g, fat 23.3 g, carbohydrates 45.5 g

Energy value per 100 g: 442 kcal (kJ 1850, 57)

Additional information
Weight0.04 kg
Dimensions14 x 3.5 x 1 cm

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