Family Homestead Settlement

Privol’e Family Homestead Settlement

We are located in Siberia, Kemerovo oblast, Topkinsky district, 70 km away from Kemerovo.

11 families are creating their homesteads among us now. Two families remain for the winter: young couple and family consisting of 6 people (three adults, three kids). The rest come wherever possible. Someone comes to the settlement in winter and someone gets the opportunity to visit his land only in the summer and to develop gradually, to prepare for permanent residence.

Our settlement located on the lands of the former agricultural fields abandoned about 15 years ago. Now they are overgrown with birches, aspens, pines, and willows. Drinking water is taken from springs. Nearby there is a small lake.

The settlement already exists 10 years, but has undergone many changes. Settlement is growing albeit slowly, because it was a little of information about it for these years.

We don’t have decree that’s why our settlement called Privol’e (Expanse). But, of course, for us the main criterion is that the settlement consisted of like-minded people and supporters of the ideas presented in the books by Vladimir Megre. We have no leaders. We try to solve problem in the general discussion.

Our settlement is located between the villages of Shishino, Barkhatovo and Lukoshkino.

The nearest village is village of Barkhatovo, 7 km away from our settlement.

The school is situated in Shishino. Children arrive at school by school bus.

Distance from Privol’e Family Homestead Settlement to the highway — 2 km on a dirt road.

Skiing is a winter way to get to the stop.

We don’t have electricity.

We dream that our settlement was joined by new families wishing to live in family homestead; families wishing to have happy and healthy children born in their native land, in the space of Love.

We have a lot of free sites; the settlement is in the stage of formation.

Those who are looking for their land and want to visit our settlement can contact us by phone or e-mail. We will be also glad to see those who want to help and participate in creation of homesteads of other settlers.