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Not all Cedar Oil is healing – it’s all about the energy behind the intention. Ever since cedar oil has been associated with a healthy lifestyle, its use has become a trend. If there is a demand, there will always be a supply.

Healing oil

How healing the oil is that you purchase really depends on the message with which it is made. It is the intention that determines the entire production chain, and hence the extent to which cedar energy reaches the consumer. In this case, if the message is only to make a profit, it does not have the desired effect.

Take the collection of nuts for example. The most common method is to knock the cones down from the cedar tree with mallets, immediately peel the cone and transport the already prepared nuts … by this time you have already lost half of the healing properties of the cedar and that same special energy.

How to make it healing

In order to preserve that energy, you only need to collect the cones that the cedar has dropped willingly, then it is ready and ripened at the correct time. However, collecting by hand is not economically viable and neither is transporting a whole cone. Imagine how much space it takes up in comparison to nuts that have already been shelled. But the cone ripens for another three months when stored in the correct way – saturating the nut with resin. If the nut is already separated from the cone in the forest, it is immediately deprived of this benefit.

Storing the cones

In addition to the above, then comes the storing of the cones – so many extra costs and hassles. Only a nut that is stored without a cone will lose all its properties in six months and begin to turn rancid.

Pressing the oil

It is similar when it comes to the process of oil extraction. When the oil is pressed on wooden presses, this makes it possible to obtain only 30% of the oil contained in the nut, while a metal press allows pressing up to 70%. The economy is obvious. But a metal press oxidizes the oil and takes away its healing benefits.

And so it turns out – purely technically, it seems to be the same oil from the cedar pine nut, but it is not the same … And when the goal is to initially save the energy of the cedar, then the approach needs to be different, and the whole process is based on these nuances.

In order not to be mistaken, order delivery of cedar oil directly from a manufacturer you trust. This ensures that you protect yourself from fakes and be sure of the highest level of products.

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