Family Homestead Settlement

Itkara Family Homestead Settlement

Kemerovo Oblast


Itkara Settlement is formed on the basis of the ancient villages (more than three hundred years), located in Yashinski district of the Kemerovo oblast. The village is small, located on the banks of the Tom River, which flows into a small Idara River consisting of springs. The village stands at the foot of the mountain, is divided into two parts – on one side is growing a pine forest, on the other cedar forest. In cedar wood originates another spring, which, flowing through the pine forest to the cliff of the mountain, falls down, forming small waterfalls (4-5 meters height).


Infrastructure – there are all kinds of communication, roads, public transport; there are shops, post office, school 2 km away from the settlement.


There are many animals in the surroundings, an abundance of fish in the rivers. At first glance there’s nothing yet that says this is the settlement. There are no blooming gardens, but only in a village garden behind the fence are visible branches of cherry, lilac. But springs are whisper in the grass, and the sun reflected in the river water. Nature calls the person to create the space of eternal love.

There are people who decided to bring beautiful images to life. We already have 10 families who live here permanently; few families come in the summer. All people of different ages, but most of all young people, many children. Already was born first child at home in Itkara, in the settlement. The plans of the settlers for the nearest future: the establishment of the playground, school (Children are studying in village school in the neighboring village of Solomatovo at this moment).


Our plans include the expansion of settlements and the relocation of like-minded people from the neighboring villages of Solomatovo (1.5 km from Itkara), Verkh – Itkara (about 3 km) and Sosnovyy Ostrog (7 km from Itkara).


The settlement has already begun in Solomatovo, already 3 family become land here. The village is located on a high bank, at a picturesque bend of the Tom River. There are a lot of abandoned houses in Solomatovo and a large area of land where once were homes. The village surrounded by the forest, behind the village flows the Atkara River.


The village of Verkh-Idara was absolutely without inhabitants. Land is still in the status of the housing stock. There are picturesque landscape, spring and lake in the village.


Sosnovy Ostrog – the oldest settlement on the high bank of the Tom River, overlooking a huge island with a length of several kilometers and is rich in forest vegetation on it. During the excavations there were discovered the walls of an ancient fortress. There are from 36 to 52 lakes in the district according to various estimates, which is among the people called magic, because they are not on any map. Preserved the name of only one of them – Durakul’, which means “lake of God”.


You can also find South plants, for example, the black poplar, which does not grow in this latitude. Time has stopped here. There are several residential buildings in the village; others are occupied by summer resident, or abandoned. At the moment we have 2 families arrange the land in Sosnovy Ostrog.


We are welcome to our village anyone who wants to create their own Space of Love, who is not afraid of certain difficulties. Siberian land is waiting for its settlers!