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How we use the power of cedar oil to calm the senses

Modern life. What is the first image you see when you read these words? The pace of life has increased significantly during the past few decades. We move faster than ever and we have a mobile app for everything. Wasn’t technology supposed to make our lives easier? Then why do we feel so overwhelmed and out of control?

We need to make time for self reflection

We have to learn to slow down, enjoy life and be mindful. I have two rituals that I apply when I feel too stressed out – I spend time outside, surrounded by nature or take a warm bath. Both have proved its effects on calming my senses and renewing my spiritual energy. 

The effects of baths on mind and body

When I first read about the beneficial effects of baths, I decided to experiment by adding cedar oil to the water. I disconnected from all my devices and played some relaxing music. I tried to breathe deeply and to not think about anything for 30 minutes. I was surprised on how only 30 minutes helped clear up my mind from all the daily worries. Not only that. I additionally benefited by how well my skin was moisturized. The natural vitamins and fatty acids in the oil had triggered this velvet skin effect. I was convinced that I should make this ritual a weekly practice. 

How we created Anasta SPA

This is how the idea of bath oils, based on cedar oil, was born. We tested combining the cold pressed cedar oil with Megre Elixir in different ratios. Today, the Anasta SPA bath oil still contains only these two simple ingredients – cold pressed cedar oil and Megre Elixir. The product has been ordered and used by customers all over the world, and all of them sent us their positive feedback.

About Anasta Spa

The oil substitutes a full skin care routine – using it does not require additional care means. Once you soak in a bath with Anasta SPA you will notice improved elasticity and deeply moisturizing effect on your skin. With regular use you will easily give up chemical cosmetics containing preservatives, stabilizers and fragrances that adversely affect the overall condition of the epidermis.

Megre Elixir pulls toxins out of the cells, allowing the skin to breathe better. Its anti-inflammatory properties reduce redness and rashes. 

The package contains oils for 12 bathings. We would recommend taking a bath with Anasta SPA every 3-5 days, or at least once a week. And don’t forget to turn off all your devices before starting the treatment!

Do you want to try Anasta SPA? Now is the right time

By ordering the product before the 10th of September, you automatically participate in our giveaway. Your order gives you the chance to win one of our prizes that would complete your home SPA experience: 

  • One of 5 terry bathrobes for home SPA procedures
  • One of 10 big terry towels
  • One of 15 small towels

 Good luck to all the participants! Learn more about the promo and the product.