Family Manufacturing

House For Cones

In 2017, our own House for cones appeared on the territory of “Megre Taiga production”. This is a spacious two-story barn, the second floor of which requires strict storage of cones. It is completely made of cedar – walls, floor and roof, due to the fact that the air moves well in there, so the cones can breathe easily.

It should be well ventilated. It is most preferable if the barn is made of cedar wood, then the Cedar fruits remain in their native environment. We have it. It is stored in special bags of flax.

Why is this so important?

We always understand that the process of oil production should be simple (now almost forgotten rules).

We do not take сones into the urban environment. In general, the less transportation is better for it to be alive and it absorbs everything that the natural environment gives.

The cones can not be shelled as soon as it is collected, it needs to go about three months, while you will get the maximum benefit and flavor, and the oil will become as saturated as possible.

Cedar nuts must be stored in a cone. A whole cedar cone can quietly lie for 3-5 years without losing the germination of seeds, and the nutritional value as a result. It is possible to keep nuts that have been crashed, but they persist for no more than 12 months, and after 3 months they begin to lose quality. If you do not provide comfortable conditions nuts quickly disappear, become covered with mold. The best way to crash the cone – when you are ready to prepare the oil.

And most important thing – you do not need to do anything with cones: dry with hot air, or, even worse, dry with boiling water, boil or roast on the fire. It is like losing almost all the valuable properties. 

In general, we have taken another step towards the very traditions that Anastasia spoke about, and which our ancestors carefully kept in the Siberian taiga villages.