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Amazing Benefits of Rose hips

Rose hips grow in gardens and the wild all over the world. They usually start to appear on the Rose plant after the petals of the flower have begun to fall off and become ripe towards the end of Summer or early Autumn/Fall. These little rose fruits surprise many with their array of health benefits – they are very high in vitamin c as well as other beneficial compounds.

Rose hips and Vitamin C

These little rose fruits surprise many with their array of health benefits – they are very high in vitamin c as well as other beneficial compounds. However, they have such a high Vitamin C content that it is always a noticeable and mentioned attribute when discussing their health benefits. In fact, in comparison to one orange, a rose hip has been known to have more than 50 times more Vitamin C, and that’s just one little fruit!

Vitamin C is known to be an essential part of immune function, as well as assisting in stimulating collagen production in the body and treating inflammation.

Health Benefits

Along with the health benefits due to it’s Vitamin C content, Rose hips have been associated potential health benefits:

  • May reduce inflammation in those suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • May contain anti-cancer properties
  • May assist in lowering blood sugar levels in those with Diabetes
  • May be associated in reducing risk of heart disease
  • May assist in improving digestion

Rose hip oil for Skincare

A well known use for rose hips is the production of rose hip oil to be used in cosmetic products for skincare. This oil penetrates the skin and significantly improves its general health. Its ability to stimulate collagen due to the vitamin C content makes it a brilliant option for those looking to reduce wrinkles or improve skin tone and elasticity.

Rose hip oil is well known for being a brilliant remedy for skin ailments such as small wounds, burns, rashes and sunburn. The essential fatty acids in the oil help promote the regeneration of skin cells, as well as preventing or reducing scarring. It is also used to treat skin pigmentation and acne.

How to use Rose hips

There are many different ways to use rose hips – all depending on the outcome that you are trying to achieve, here are some suggestions:

  • rosehip tea
  • rosehip powder
  • rosehip syrup
  • rosehip oil
  • as a supplement/capsule

Here are a few productions on the for you to try with rose hips in them:


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