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Whole Earth Day

Whole Earth Day or ‘Dachnik’ Day

Whole Earth Day began with the beloved Dachniks described by Vladimir Megre in his books from the series The Ringing Cedars of Russia. The word Dachnik translates to ‘Gardener’. In Russia, many citizens have summer houses or plots of land where they grow their own produce, these are called Dacha’s.

Throughout Vladimir Megre’s books, Anastasia mentions the importance and significance of Russia’s summer people, how their connection with the earth is vital to the health of our planet. Our planet thrives from humanity’s positive interaction with it, and one of the ways this has been maintained is through the Summer people.

“You have to understand, the society you live in today can understand a lot by communicating with the plants being sown at dachas. It’s at the dachas where you know every plant in your garden, not in the huge, impersonal fields that stupid monster machines crawl over. People feel better working at their dachas, and this has lengthened many people’s lives. It makes them better, and it is the summer people who can help society understand just how pernicious the technocratic path is.” – Anastasia, Vladimir Megre

A sensitive Earth

Anastasia explains to Vladimir that although the Earth is big, it is incredibly sensitive. It feels everything – when it gets covered up with concrete and asphalt, when its forests are chopped down and burned, or when they soil is dug up by machines and covered in fertiliser.

“It can hurt. But It still loves people the way a mother loves her children. The Earth tries to bury its malice deep down. Only when It runs out of strength does that malice burst out in volcanoes and earthquakes.

“We must help the Earth. Kindness and considerate treatment give It strength. The Earth is big but extremely sensitive. It senses when It is touched gently by even one human hand. Oh, how It senses and longs for that touch!”

23rd July – Whole Earth Holiday

For many years since The Ringing Cedars of Russia books were written, many people all over the world celebrate this holiday on the 23rd July. The people have gone back to the Earth, to interact with it, and the movement is growing every year throughout the world.

Below are the unchanged words of Anastasia’s dream, these are now the traditions of this worldwide celebration:


“Let Russia rise at dawn that day. Let all people as families, with friends, and singly approach the Earth and stand on It with feet bare. Those who have their own small plots where they cultivate fruits with their own hands, let them greet the Sun’s first ray among their plants and touch each kind.

“When the Sun rises, let them pick and eat one of each kind of berry. They won’t need anything more until the midday meal. Let them tend their plots until their meal. Let each think about life and where his joy and purpose lie.

“Let each think lovingly of those dear to him and of friends and of why his plants grow and give each its own  purpose. Before the meal, each should have at least one hour of seclusion. It doesn’t matter where or how, but it must without fail be in seclusion, where he can be alone and look inward for at least an hour.

“Let the entire family gather for a meal—those living together and those who have come from far away that day. Let them prepare the midday meal from what the Earth has yielded for that hour. Let each place on the table what his heart and Soul desire.

“Then let the members of the entire family tenderly look each other in the eye. Let the oldest and youngest say grace, and let calm conversation flow around the table. The conversation must be about the good and about whoever is by their side.”

“Let people return to their cities. They can harvest the fruits of their small plots of the Earth, carry them in baskets, and share with those who have none.

“Oh, how many positive emotions there will be on that day! They will conquer many diseases, those diseases that mean death and those that have lingered for years will go away. On that day, let he who is incurably or slightly ill greet the stream of people returning from their little plots.

“Their rays of Love and Good and their fruits will heal and vanquish diseases. Look! Look! A train station! A stream of people with colourful baskets! See how people’s eyes are shining with peace and good.”

“On that day, visitors will come to Russia! All who were born by the Telamons of the Earth! The prodigal sons will return! Let people all over Russia wake at dawn on that day.

“And let the strings of the Universal harp sound a happy melody through- out the day. Let all the bards on the streets and in homes play guitars. And let he who is very old be young again that day, as he was many, many years ago.”

“You and I will be young, too, Vladimir, as people will be young for the first time. Old people will write their children letters, and children will write to their parents. Let babies take their first step in life and enter a joyous, happy world. On that day there will be nothing to upset children. Let the grownups be their equals.

“And the Gods will drop to the Earth. On that day, let all the Gods be embodied in simple images. And God—the one, Universal God—will be happy. On that day may you be very happy with love and the shining Earth!”

Celebrating in the City

Many may wonder, how do I celebrate if I live in the city? How can I participate if I do not have my own land? Here we have laid out some suggestions for anyone to implement, no matter if they live in the countryside or the city.

>Rise at dawn on the day of the 23rd of July

>If you have a garden, walk barefoot on the earth of your garden. Alternatively if you do not have a garden, arrange with family or friends, or by yourself, to go for a walk in a nearby park, community garden or nature reserve. Any natural land that is close to you, that you can take your shoes off and walk barefoot on the Earth.

>If you grow herbs, vegetables or fruits in your garden, pick that which is ripe at the time and what you feel like eating and eat that whilst you tend to your garden.

>If you are not able to grow your own fruit or vegetables, try and arrange to go to a local community food garden, or purchase some fresh berries from your local grocery store and take them on your morning walk with you. Pay attention to the plants and trees as you walk, they long for your loving gaze and every little bit counts and is felt by the Earth.

>For at least one hour before lunch time, spend time by yourself thinking loving thoughts of those closest to you, of your plants, or the plants nearest to you. It is important that this time is spent alone to reflect. You could also meditate and dream about your future Kin Domain, if you do not have one yet.

>Prepare lunch with your friends, family or a neighbour. If you are able to, prepare the meal only from the vegetables and fruits from everyone’s gardens. If this is not possible, collect fresh seasonal produce and prepare meals from this. Share this with your friends and family, thinking good thoughts and engaging in calm conversation with each other.

It is important to remember that even the smallest actions make a difference. Those with conscious awareness and living in the cities have just as much to contribute as those living in the countryside. The thought behind this and the intent is most important. The energy and feeling you put into your actions are felt by the Earth.

Holiday celebration meal ideas for those who live in the city

It can be difficult to feel like we can celebrate if we do not live close to nature, but it is still important to take time to celebrate important moments, so we have suggested some meals that you can prepare as long as you have access to fresh fruit and vegetables. Try and source your produce from local city food gardens or organic stores, but if this is not possible, try and collect seasonal fruit and vegetables from your grocery store:

>Fresh garden salads made with a variety of greens and herbs

>Roasted seasonal vegetables

>Fresh cheeses made from free range cow or goats milk – if you know how you can even make cheese yourself 🙂

>Salad dressings made with cedar nut oil or extra virgin olive oil, freshly squeezed lemon juice, fresh garlic

>Get stoneground flour or grind your own flour from whole grains and bake bread (while preparing it, try to think bright thoughts, you could even sing if you like)

>Fresh herbs such as oregano, thyme, rosemary, garlic

>Prepare iced teas with herbs like mint and fresh berries

>Make fresh juices like watermelon juice, orange juice, mixed fruit and vegetable juice (this can be done in a juicer or a blender and then strained through a cloth)

>Chopped fruit and berries, with raw honey, herbs, nuts and seeds

>Dried herbs made into teas or herbal teas from the grocery store


Sit down to a fresh, healthy, seasonal meal provided to you by the Earth (whether grown by your own hand or somebody else’s) with your friends, family or neighbour and celebrate each other and the beauty of our beloved Earth’s bounty.