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The Inhabitant of Belarus Has Built a House of Dry Grass

“House of the future” appeared in one of the Belarusian villages. If you have such a house, then you will not have to pay for utilities. But the most amazing thing: this house is built from the dry grass, but it is not afraid of bad weather.

Dmitry Novozhilov reporting.

There is bath and a special oven with a fireplace inside the house. Evgeny Shirokov’s hut is almost ready. Finishing work is being carried out. The owner left unplastered islands on the wall. He calls it windows of publicity. Guests of the house can see what’s inside.

The foundation of the house is made of bottles. Bottles were collected in the surrounding woods 3 days. Bottles laid on a mortar as bricks. The result is a very sturdy construction that retains heat and repels water.

Straw, boards, clay – that’s the whole material. No chemistry. All natural. The walls of the house are made of straw bales, two feet thick. In the winter, says the inventor in this house warm and cool in summer. It is cool in the summer and warm in the winter in this house.

Evgeny Shirokov: “There is really breathable wall: it is porous. Clay breathes well, straw breathes well, and the best solution to the problem is when the function is executed, but there is no device.”

A thatched hut was built quickly – in just 3 months. Building turned out durable.

Dmitry Hamtsov, builder: “The fact that the house is made of straw, usually causes the person the idea that it is a weak house, out of a fairy tale that will fall apart. No, here is the supporting framework. This is an ordinary house, strong, so will stand long.”

This is not just an ecological house, but also a building with zero energy consumption. There is windmill and solar panels on the roof. The house is completely autonomous. The owners do not need any power lines, heating or running water, there is even a system of biological recycling. They are processed into fertilizer through bacteria.

There are some limitations. Lamps shall be energy saving, permanently able to work the computer and TV.

But the inventor did not upset of it: “The main thing is complete independence”. This project Eugene devised 30 years ago. And now the dream has come true.
Evgeny Shirokov: “I participated in the development of autonomous space stations, including life-support systems. I had this idea that we can make autonomous housing in space. Here to do it a million times easier.”

Evgeny Shirokov sure this is the home of the future. On the background of the growing prices for housing and energy, says the inventor, autonomous thatched hut is a panacea.

Soon Evgeny Ivanovich will celebrate housewarming. And then he will become the first person in Belarus, who quite legitimately will not have to pay for utilities.

Source: Channel One