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Положок (прополисный холстик)

Seat cover with propolis



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Seat Cover with propolis. 

It is a canvas piece, designed to protect the beehive from adverse conditions. In the process of life bees impregnate it with propolis and wax.

It can be recommended for use in baths, saunas, accommodation for disinfecting and fragrance, as it has strong anti-bacterial properties.

It used in the treatment of neuralgia, osteochondrosis, radiculitis, myositis, arthritis, polyarthritis, sinusitis, etc. as an anti-inflammatory and local irritant means.

Methods of use:

  • For disinfecting and air aromatization: fix the cloth near a heat source.
  • For inhalation: The cloth be placed above the water bath treated layer up. Inhale gently, avoiding burns of the respiratory tract not more than 10 minutes.
  • Applications: Cut into pieces of desired size, apply on the problem areas of the skin.
  • For local therapeutic use: heated on water bath apply on the sore point, wrapped with plastic wrap or compress paper, then a warm cloth or cotton wool for 30 – 40 min.


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