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Cedar Soaps
Today the market is full of different chemical soaps, gels, foams and scrubs to cleanse your skin. But you shouldn’t hurry to buy the first chemical cleanser you see, because cleaning our skin requires full care and organic nutrition to maintain natural beauty. We are presenting a range of natural cedar oil soaps made by the “Ringing Cedars of Russia” brand. These pure soaps help to take care of the skin so carefully and effectively that they are often chosen for most delicate procedures.  For example, you can buy cedar shaving soap.
To make our cedar soap we use pristine spring water and cold pressed oils of Siberian cedar, flax, canola, sea buckthorn and more. The soap is made with only natural ingredients, which are white clay, cedar resin, honey and herbs. Crushed cedar nut shells made by a special technology are added as a natural, gentle exfoliator and does not damage the skin.
Cedar soap is made “cold” which means it is not heated above 40 degrees, and therefore retains all it’s natural elements including vitamins, provitamins and amino acids, which are necessary for nutrition and protection of the skin. Cedar soaps do not contain aggressive chemical compounds: parabens, SLS, silicones, synthetic dyes and preservatives, or animal fats.
Our product range includes four kinds of soaps: cedar shaving soap with white clay, soap-scrub with cedar nut shell, cedar soap with milk and honey, soap-shampoo made with Siberian taiga herbs.
Properties of the cedar soaps
Siberian cedar soap do not only cleanse the skin of impurities, dead skin cells and help it breathe, but also has numerous healing properties:

Relives fatigue, help the skin recover.
Moisturizes the skin, deeply nourishes it, saturating cells with vitamins and microelements
Forms an invisible film of oil, which helps retain moisture and support water balance of the skin
Heals cracks, wounds, bruises
Relieves inflammation and irritation, promotes rapid cell regeneration
Cedar resin gives the soap anti-microbial properties

Due to the organic components of all of our cedar soaps, they have a gentle restorative effect on the skin, so they can be used not only for washing hands, but also for body and face care.

Soap is suitable for all skin types, and restores its natural ph balance
It is recommended for daily use
It is hypoallergenic. Suitable for people prone to allergies, with sensitive skin and children.

We make and package the cedar soap by hand to preserve it’s healing energy and all valuable properties of cedar wood, and deliver a true piece of the Siberian taiga to your home.

How to buy Cedar Soap?
You can buy and receive all of our Siberian cedar soaps quickly at our store,  We send the soap the next day after the payment and ship directly to your door. All our payments are done via Paypal or credit card.
Being the manufacturer, we guarantee the best prices and original quality of the products. You will receive it directly from our warehouse in Siberia.
Contact us if you have any questions.