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Natural Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Christmas holidays are around the corner and as always, many of us have gifts on our minds. We have compiled some convenient gift ideas that include a variety of items from natural oils made in the taiga to nettle thread amulets crafted on Kin Domains. Compile a gift package from our list for your loved ones!

Cedar Oils

Megre Elixir in Cedar Oil with Mountain Mumiyo for Women

The best gift for women’s health, which will help solve many problems that concern women. Mumiyo has been known for many years as a remedy that improves the functioning of the reproductive system, prevents the ageing process and heals the body by saturating it with essential amino acids. In one bottle there are benefits for the entire female body.

Megre Elixir in Cedar Oil with Ginger for Men

A gift for men’s health that will make the recipient grateful. You’ve probably heard that ginger has often been used in Chinese folk medicine since ancient times. Most definitely not in vain. The elixir with ginger may increase testosterone levels, activate blood circulation, add vigour, lightness and energy.

Handmade Cedar Oil

A valuable gift from the taiga, prepared entirely by hand according to traditions that have come down to us over the years. During production, the nuts are not washed or dried, and the oil itself is immediately bottled to preserve all the most valuable things. This oil has strong energy and a unique taste.

Megre Elixir with Cedar Oil

Mix of cedar oil and pine cone oil. A wonderful product for constant support of immunity, high energy levels and the necessary level of vitamins. The elixir is absolutely safe, there are no side effects from it, only strengthening of the body. To put it simply, it is an elite gift 🙂

Sweet Treats

Cedar Marzipans & Bon Bons

Delicious but healthy sweets made with wild taiga berries and cedar nut cake. These candies contain no sugar and do not have a sickly sweet flavour. Our new packaging allows you to purchase a few to taste – even a combination package to try the different flavours. Choose your favourite here.

Taiga Chocolate Bars

Chocolate bars with unique flavours such as taiga berries, cedar flakes or pepper. Everyone loves to receive chocolate no matter what the occasion! It all starts with packaging that looks unique and festive. Inside, the chocolate bar is wrapped in craft paper and the chocolate itself, with sugar-free cedar cake, has an incredibly delicate and silky taste. In our online store we have five types of chocolate to choose from, enough for all our colleagues.


Accessories as a Gift

Nettle Amulets & Bracelets

Threads, amulets and bracelets all carefully crafted on a Kin’s Domain. Our vedic ancestors knew the importance of nettle and how it interacted with human energy. A special gift to make your loved ones holiday wishes stronger!

Cedar Pendant & Cedar Oil

A thoughtful gift containing two items mentioned in our favourite green books – cedar oil and a cedar pendant. This pendant is not ringing cedar, but it still has a beneficial effect – feedback from many has proved it to be true, over time it even produces a unique scent to the person wearing it.

Gift Certificate

This will never lose its relevance – if your loved one has specific preferences, sometimes the best option is a gift card. Choose your amount ($20, $50, $100) and send it as an e-gift!

Lastly, never forget that the greatest gifts are thoughtfulness, consideration and your attention! We hope you can spend good time with your loved ones these holidays 🙂

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