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Megre Elixir – A Unique Antiseptic

The main problem we have in the health of both children and adults is various infections: such as colds & viruses – is the problem of low immunity. It is very difficult to teach everyone to eat properly and to not eat bad foods in order to avoid lowering the immune system. Therefore, the search is underway among doctors for a unique antibiotic & antiseptic that will help cope with various infectious and viral diseases.

Cedar cone oil has a richer composition due to the cedar shell and due to the fact that during pressing, all the shells of the cedar cone are used. It has immune properties several times stronger when comparing it to the cedar kernel oil. Because the cone itself is designed to preserve the kernel, it’s like the immunity of a grain. The kernel can be stored in the shell for a year or two.

The core is where all the information about the new big cedar or tree is there. Therefore, everything that is necessary to preserve this genetic material is contained in the shells and petals of the cedar cones. When squeezing, the result is oil extraction, squeezing out these protective shells of the nucleolus. Therefore, Elixir has maximum immune properties . It is likely that a lot of research will be made to confirm it as the most natural safe antibiotic. The most important thing is that there are no side effects or dangers of using it. When compared with conventional antiseptics and antibiotics, they suppress some destructive flora, but the fungal flora is activated which makes it very difficult to level it out. To suppress viruses, separate drugs are used. All interferon-based antiviral drugs can suppress the synthesis of their own interferon, that is, there is no simultaneous stimulation of the immune system. Sometimes additional complexes are prescribed for this, but very often we do not see a good final result even after a month.

Megre Elixir , we believe, is a unique antiseptic, an antibiotic without side effects, without leukopenia, without the proliferation of fungal flora, which simultaneously stimulates the immune system, rather than suppressing it. This is one of its main properties.

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