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Healing Cleanse: 99 Days of Spring Water

A healing cleanse from the first book in the Ringing Cedars of Russia series “Anastasia”. Spring water is revered around the world and this cleanse focuses around spring water for its healing properties. We are interested to hear your results if you try it.

Healing Cleanse with Spring Water

“You or those who want to experience water’s healing properties must first find the spring with the water that tastes best to you.

“Bring that water home, pour it into vessels, and freeze it. Every evening put the amount of water you need for a day on the table in a handsome vessel, preferably with a piece of green fabric underneath the vessel.

“Before going to sleep, you have to say good words to the water, or you can just think tenderly about it.

“The room shouldn’t be too warm because a little bit of ice should remain in the water. If it doesn’t, you need to add a piece of the ice stored separately in the cold.

“It is good to add a small piece of the ice to warm water, too. And to the hot tea you drink.

“As the ice melts, it is good to think about the water with tenderness, and you can say nice words to it, as if it were a living being. You can put one drop of cedar oil into the melted water. No matter what volume of water this drop falls into, the information from it will spread throughout the water, and this information is very important.

“Before going to sleep, you can stroke the vessel of water and exhale the air from yourself onto the water.

“The next day, when you wake up, say good morning to the water. It’s good to drink the water in small, unhurried sips.

“You can also wet your face with it.

“If you have any ailments in your body, the water will start to heal them and will definitely cure them. You will feel the improvement in three days.

“If you use the water for ninety-nine days, even serious diseases will leave your body, and you will see the skin on your face improve noticeably.

“If you want your body to be younger and your thinking to move more rapidly, then in addition to the water you can use cedar oil in the morning, at noon, and at nightfall, one sip each time, and also honey from various herbs and flower pollen in whatever quantity you find pleasing. But you mustn’t mix them with the water. If you do this for thirty days, you will begin to think faster, and your body will be younger.”

The information above is quoted from “Anastasia” by Vladimir Megre.

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