Family Homestead Settlement

Bogdanovo Family Homestead Settlement

We started to build the family homestead in the Kovrov district of Vladimir oblast and called it Bogdanovo by the name of the former village. This is a picturesque field, surrounded on all sides by forest. There are a lot of young growth of pine, birch, willow and aspen here. There are many saplings of rowan in the forest. There are lime trees, oaks and other trees and shrubs. There are two small ponds in the center and a large pond in the distance. Small river flows near the settlement.
The plan of the future settlement resembles a flower, in the middle of which a common centre, and the petals of the flower in a row of the homestead. Several families started planting trees and shrubs in parallel with the preparation of documents for lease of land. Gradually joined wishing to become our good neighbors.
People of different professions live here: singers and musicians, masters of pottery and wood carvers, builders and electricians, teachers and physicians. All of them are perfect gardeners.
To get to Bogdanovo, you need to take the train from Kovrov city to Krestnikovo station. Then you need to go 5 km to the forest in the North direction. It is possible to drive from Kovrov through the village Klyaz’minskij gorodok (this is about 30 km away) or drive to the village of Filino by bus and walk 6 km.
Those who accepted the ideas presented in the books by Vladimir Megre and ready to create a Space of Love for their ancestral land, may come and see our place.
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Bogdanovo Family Homestead Settlement, Vladimir Oblast
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