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Siberian Cedar Bowl


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Handmade Siberian Cedar Bowl

Bowl made of Siberian Cedar wood.

Its diameter is 18-20 cm; depth is 3 cm; handmade by wood craftsman. Bowl is designed for everyday use for hot or cold food.

Bowl is made of untreated Cedar wood, so it is necessary to treat it before usage. The best decision would be to do it with Cedar Nut oil, but any other vegetable oil will do. How to do it? Soak a bowl with oil and leave for about an hour. Then put it into the oven at small temperature and take it out as soon as it starts to change its colour into golden.  Let it cool, and then you can use it.

As any piece of tableware, the bowl is practical and durable, has the unique ability to fill food with positive energy and phytoncides, and due to its antibacterial properties the bowl keeps the food freshness for a long time.

Weight: 150 g

Brief description:

Handmade bowl made of Siberian cedar wood.

Additional information
Weight 0,15 kg
Dimensions 17 × 17 × 5 cm

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