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Cedar Cough Drops with Cedar Cone Oil and Propolis


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Drops with Siberian Cedar Cone Oil and Propolis.

Cough drops are the best way relieve sore throat, mucous membranes irritation, swelling and to treat tonsillitis, colds and other inflammations. The Cough drops are made on the basis of the Cedar Elixir ( Siberian Cedar cone oil), which is the most precious gift of the Taiga, able to activate the immune system, fight viruses and cleanse the body at the cellular level.

Propolis has strong anti-inflammatory and wound-healing effect, improves cell regeneration, and inhibits the activity of viruses. Cough Drops with propolis accelerate the healing process, increasing the effectiveness of other components.

Drops does not contain any sugar, instead the natural molasses and sweetener isomalt are used to soften the bitter taste of propolis and cone oil.

Composition: Siberian Cedar cone oil, propolis, beeswax, the sweetener isomalt, molasses, a natural colourant.

Weight: 32 g (10 pieces)

Shelf life: 24 months

Brief description:

Natural cough drops with antiseptic properties to relieve sore throats.

Additional information
Weight0.09 kg
Dimensions10 x 12.5 x 1.5 cm

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