By using or enrolling in the Program, you accept and agree to these Terms and Conditions. MEGRE LLC keeps the right to change the current terms and conditions at any time. The company is not responsible to inform you about any changes – it is your responsibility to inform yourself through the Terms and Conditions page on


The Megre Green Club is a loyalty program offered by Megre LLC (the “Company”, “us”, “our” or “we”) to customers of the Company. In order to join you should be at least 18 years old. The Program is accessible through or the explainer page


In order to enroll in the Megre Green Club, you have to register and create an account on our website. Membership is free and no initial purchase is required in order to become a Member.


Points can be earned by members in connection with orders and other activities made through the website ( If not used, points expire after 180 days. Points cannot be transferred between members or sold. Points cannot be exchanged for cash.

Each member will receive the following number of points for the following actions:

  • 1$ spent in the store – 1
  • Account Signup – 10
  • First Purchase – 30
  • Referral – 5% of the first order of your referral
  • Getting Referred – 5% discount for the first order
  • Product Review – 10
  • Like to your Review – 5
  • Facebook Like (limited to 1 per day) –  1
  • Facebook Share (limited to 1 per day) – 5
  • Twitter Tweet (limited to 1 per day) – 5
  • Twitter Follow (limited to 1 per day) – 5
  • Instagram Follow (limited to 1 per day) – 5



1 Redeeming Point value = $0,10

Redeeming is not applicable for sale price product(s)

Maximum Redeeming Threshold Value (Discount) for Order in Percentage is 30%

Coupon cannot be applied when points are redeemed (the user should use either points or coupon, can’t use both)



In case of a return of any items that initially earned points, such points will be deducted automatically from the membership account that was used for the order.


  1. MEMBERSHIP LEVELS (in the development)

The birthday gift that a member receives depends on the level the account reached. It will be sent to the member with the order following their birthday.



    1. How can I check my membership account points balance?

Go to -> Login -> My account ->Dashboard

  1. How can I refer a friend to the program?

Go to -> Login -> My account ->Dashboard -> Generate Referral Link

Send the link to your friend. If your friend makes a purchase through your link you will get 40 points and your friend – 20 points.

  1. How do I redeem my points?

They will be automatically displayed at checkout. Just proceed with your order and you will get a discount that equals the value of your points.  

  1. How do I get points for sharing on social media?

Use the social media icons that are in the bottom left corner of the website.

  1. How can I receive my birthday gift? (in the development)

It will be sent out with your next order following your birthday.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at or via Facebook Messenger.