Frequently Asked Questions


Where do the “Megre” products come from?
All our cedar-based products – that is, those containing cedar oil and balms such as pillows, soap, and toothpaste – come from Cedar House Megre. Cedar House is in a village in the Taiga forest in the north of the Novosibirsk Oblast. It is our personal production house which we converted into a workshop 20 years ago and which over the years we renovated, refining our production techniques using traditional technology. To this day it remains a small family business with a friendly atmosphere.

Where is the Megre factory situated?
Cedar House Megre is in the village Kandaurovo in the Taiga forest, on the border between the Novosibirsk and Tomsk oblasts.

What is different about the way Megre’s cedar production?
The most important thing that we bear in mind when making products at Cedar House Megre is to retain the natural energy contained in every little piece of cedar. This can only be done by paying special attention to every part of the manufacturing process. It is precisely for this reason that we manufacture our products in the Taiga forest, so as not to transport the cones to the city. We do this despite the fact that, naturally, that would be the easier way to do it. Instead, we preserve the ancient tradition of keeping the kernels inside the cones, only shelling them just before the oil-production process. Nowadays there is practically no one else who makes cedar oil this way.

We collect the cones and sap on our own land in the Taiga that was given to us on a long-term lease by the government. The cones from our own patch of forest are very different to the ones found elsewhere.

We use traditional instruments and glass vessels in our oil production so that the oil does not come into contact with metal, which oxidizes it. All of the fundamental work, including sorting the nuts, is done by hand because the introduction of machinery lowers the quality of the product. In fact, we have reconstructed the methods that our ancestors used for centuries and we manufacture our products in relatively small amounts without damaging the quality.

What is the House of Cones, and where is it?
The House of Cones is what we call the two-story cedar house in which the cones are stored. It is located on the same territory as the manufacturing plant in the village Kanduorovo, Novosibirsk oblast. This is an ideal method of storing cones, one which our ancestors quietly practiced for hundreds of years. These days this method of storing has been almost completely lost.

Are there visits to Cedar House?
You can book a visit to Cedar House on specified non-working days. To do so please e-mail

Where can one buy «MEGRE» products?
You can acquire “MEGRE” products at the following locations:

  • Through our online shop
  • Through one of our partner firms. The full list of shipment options to all countries can be found here
  • For wholesale orders contact

Why is the range on incomplete?
When we ship your order, it crosses Russian borders and has to go through customs. Some products, for example, cedar nuts, require a long time for clearing, or some products may be restricted for transport to certain areas. However, we are constantly working to update and improve our range of online products, so sign up for our newsletter to receive updates.

What is the Date on packages? 

It’s the date of production, not the expiry date according to Russian law.

There is no hologram on a product

We inform you that our company has refused to stick holograms on products since July 26, 2021. The packaging will be without holograms until a new trademark is created. The absence of holograms on the product in no way affects its quality.


What’s the difference between oil produced by hand and industrially manufactured oil?
Hand-produced oil is manufactured using the technology outlined in Vladimir Megre’s books. It is produced entirely by hand using traditional tools and following traditional methods. We have been reconstructing this technology for a long time and now our methods reflect exactly those used by our ancestors. Our oil is produced by members of a single-family. Due to the fact that the process is long and labor-intensive, the amount of oil one can produce by hand is restricted. Industrially manufactured oil differs in its method of production as well as its character (hand-produced oil is more liquid) and taste (the taste of the nut is reduced). This is because in hand-made production the nuts are not dried, leaving more moisture. After pressing the oil, the oil is not left to sit, as in industrial manufacturing but is immediately decanted into bottles, which leads to a build-up of residue in the bottles. Hand-produced oil is more valuable than any other, it has the strongest energy. People who use it often say that it even affects their emotional state. They feel happier and brighter.

What’s the difference between wet-milled oil and double-extraction oil?
Wet-milled oil is produced from the first extraction. The oil is cold-pressed from the cedar nut kernel. Wet-milled oil is ideal for use as a food supplement and in the preparation of cold food such as salads and desserts. After the first press, there is pulp leftover which is then squeezed with a high-pressure press to give the second extraction. Double extraction oil is a blend of first-extraction wet-milled oil with the oil produced by the second pressing. Double extraction oil has a lighter structure and goes well in cosmetic products like make-up remover, or in burn-relief balms, body butter, and bathing products. The oil can also be used in the cooking of cakes, main dishes, and other hot food.

Why does cedar oil need additional ingredients (buckthorn, propolis, resin)?
We enrich the cedar oil with natural additives in order to enhance specific beneficial properties. For example, oil with resin contains high levels of purifying properties and is a powerful immunostimulator. Oil with propolis helps to quickly recover from viruses, colds and flu, pneumonia, tuberculosis, and other respiratory problems. Oil with buckthorn has a rich micro-elemental make-up which helps with deficiency disease, strengthens the immune system, and heals skin and internal wounds.

What’s the minimum age one can take cedar oil?
You can take cedar nut oil at any age and it can even be given to newborn babies as a single drop or rubbed on a dummy.

What if I have an allergic reaction to cedar oil?
Allergies to cedar oil are extremely rare. Allergic reactions are more likely to be related to other chemicals used by the manufacturers during the oil-making process. We have never heard of such a reaction to “Megre” products. For this reason, the first thing you should do if you have an adverse reaction is to check the quality of the product and consider trying another manufacturer. If you are certain that the product is good quality and it is the cedar oil causing the reaction, you should go to a dietologist. We can recommend our dietologist.

Are the pendants sold online from the same ringing cedars from the books, or are they normal ones?
Our pendants are made from Siberian cedarwood. The ringing cedars described in Vladimir Megre’s books are a rare things, and Siberian cedar contains very powerful energy. Simply spend a bit of time in the Taiga and you’ll see – touch a cedar tree, a normal one, not a ringing cedar, and you’ll feel the cosmic energy. Any piece of Siberian cedar contains the same properties with time.

Is it OK to get a cedar pendant wet?
It is OK to get a pendant wet, nothing will happen.

What’s the difference between cedar pillows filled with cone petals, cedar shavings, or cedar nut husk?
We use 3 types of filling for our cedar pillows – cedar cone petal, cedarwood shavings, and cedar nut husk. Cone petal-filled pillows ( are the most powerful. They have a massaging effect. Pillows with cedar wood shavings are resilient, with excellent orthopedic properties. They keep the head and neck in the correct position in order to relax the spine and diminish the pain caused by osteochondrosis. Cedar nut husk pillows are the softest. They are nice to touch and act as an anti-stress tool.

What age and skin type responds the best to cedar creams and balms?
The “cedar” range of creams and balms is suitable for all ages and skin types. The products are made from all-natural elements which means that your organism takes what it needs from the product and discards the rest.

Where can I get the toothpaste? What’s different about it?
All cedar toothpaste in the “cedar” series is made from natural ingredients making it completely safe to use. It can be given to children and is completely harmless even if swallowed. All of the toothpastes in the series have a base of cedar oil and resin, and therefore have healing properties that help cure cuts on mucus membranes and fight bacteria.
Toothpaste with mint essential oil has a mouth-freshening effect.
Toothpaste with cedar essential oil contains ground cedar nut hull for a deeper clean.
Toothpaste with cedar nut oil and resin is very gentle to the teeth and is best for children or people with sensitive teeth. Toothpaste with cedar oil cake with added polishing properties gives you naturally shiny teeth.

Why doesn’t natural toothpaste froth up?
The intense foam you get with standard toothpaste is caused by SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) and other chemical ingredients which have been added to speed up the cleaning process. Organic cosmetics use natural soapy ingredients – usually oils which have been mixed with birch ash. It does not foam as much as SLS and cleans teeth more gently and carefully. There is also comparatively less of it than SLS in industrial toothpaste. That’s why natural toothpaste hardly foam.


How is Cedar Elixir different to cedar oil?
Cedar Elixir is oil that has been extracted from the whole cedar cone whereas cedar oil is extracted from the cedar nut kernel. They are different both in taste and color: Cedar elixir has a deep green hue with a very strong, unique, musky taste. Good quality cedar oil is light in color with a barely perceptible nutty taste.

The main difference is that cedar oil has a more gentle effect on the organism and works by disseminating its microelements and vitamins throughout the body. It can be taken regularly and is suitable for everyone regardless of age or health state.
Cedar Elixir works on a cellular level and is a biologically active element with strong purifying effects. Besides cedar nut kernel oil, the Elixir contains ethers, resins, and other substances pressed from the shell and scales of the cone. These substances give the Elixir intense anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antiviral properties as well as the ability to regulate metabolic processes. Cedar oil can be measured by the spoon and added to food whereas Cedar Elixir is taken in drops, the amount of which should be regulated depending on the state of one’s health.

Can pregnant and breastfeeding women use Cedar Elixir?
There are no negative side effects of taking Cedar Elixir during pregnancy, however, it does have particular qualities which should be taken into account. Cedar Elixir possesses strong purifying properties which work on a cellular level, as well as on the whole organism. Detoxifying procedures must be exercised with extreme caution during pregnancy. Another characteristic of Cedar Elixir is its ability to activate bodily processes, which may aggravate some chronic or latent conditions. For these reasons, it is best to only take Cedar Elixir when pregnant if in perfect health, or under strict observation of your doctor. It is possibly better to take Cedar Elixir in cedar oil, which contains the same properties but has a gentler effect on the organism.

Indeed, the Elixir can be beneficial to breast-feeding mothers as it helps the body rehabilitate and adjusts metabolic processes, however, it is of utmost importance to be aware of any negative reactions the feeding child may have and to begin taking the Elixir in the smallest possible doses, starting at a single push, before increasing intake.

What’s the minimum age one can take Elixir?
Cedar Elixir can be given to children at 12 months, beginning with one push and then increasing the dose incrementally. Cedar Elixir does not cause allergic reactions, however, it is important to carefully follow your child’s reactions to it, as it may have unforeseen individual effects, especially if taken for the first time. In most cases, children just need time to get used to the new taste, as the Elixir has a very poignant fir-like taste. Children of 12 can be given adult doses.

How is Cedar Elixir taken?
The standard method that we recommend is to take a course of Elixir every day for one month, about 20 – 30 minutes before eating. Liquid Elixir should be taken as 6 pushes a day, once in the morning, or as 3 pushes every morning and evening.

If you’re taking Cedar Elixir for the first time, we recommend you start out with a course of Elixir with cedar oil first, in order to prepare your body and test its reactions to it.

Can Cedar Elixir cure depression?
Cedar Elixir works on both a physical and profound level within the organism. Some reviews by customers have stated that taking the Elixir improved their psychological state, mood, and quality of sleep. It is true that it is effective in the treatment of over-tiredness and anxiety, however, if one suffers from serious chronic depression, it would do better to address the causes of the illness rather than expecting a miracle cure. Integrated as part of multifaceted therapy, however, it can definitely help you emerge from a crisis more quickly.

Does Cedar Elixir have any side effects?
On taking Elixir for the first time, people often report reactions such as inflammation, rashes, or nausea. This is because Cedar Elixir purges the cells of built-up toxins, left-over medicine, and other pollutants. These reactions are in fact part of the detoxifying process. One important thing to remember is that the body will get accustomed to the Elixir. Start with a small dose and slowly increase it. After a while, the detoxifying effects will be gentler and longer-lasting. Start with one drop.

What is Elixir Plus?
Elixir Plus, or Elixir with cedar oil, is a mix of Cedar Elixir and cedar oil. It contains the same ingredients as the Elixir but is weaker.

Elixir Plus can be taken between courses of Cedar Elixir. We recommend taking Elixir Plus to prepare your organism for Cedar Elixir and test any reactions you may have to it. Elixir Plus can be taken as an alternative to cedar oil as part of the Siberian Cleansing course.


I want to offer “Megre” products in my town, how can I begin collaboration with you?
Write to us at or on the webpage chat under the heading “wholesale” and our manager will inform you of the best method for collaboration.


How can I get in touch with Vladimir Megre?
For inquiries, queries, and offers, write to Vladimir Megre on his personal website through the contact form and he will get in touch with you. To do so follow this link

How can I meet Vladimir Megre in person?
Vladimir Megre organizes public meetings and conferences in various cities in Russia and abroad. All events are listed on his site, which you can follow for updates.

When is the new Vladimir Megre book coming out?
The new book in the “Ringing Cedars of Russia” series is already planned and underway. The author has not yet said when the book will be published, but as soon as it is finished the information will appear on the author’s website and our online shop

How is Anastasia and how can she be reached?
There is a lot of information on this topic given on the author’s website: Look, for example, under the section “Frequently Asked Questions” where you may find an answer to your question.


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