Cedar Toothpaste with mint essential oil Buy Online — MegreLLC Cedar Toothpaste with mint essential oil Buy Online — MegreLLC
Паста зуб с эфирным маслом мяты
Сбор зуб паста с эфирн маслом сиб кедра

Cedar Toothpaste with mint essential oil

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Toothpaste with Mint Essential Oil, 60 ml.

Active ingredients: cold pressed cedar nut oil, crushed cedar nut shell, grounded cedar oilcake, Siberian cedar resin, cedar essential oil, mint essential oil.

Refreshing natural toothpaste made exclusively from components of the Siberian cedar with addition of the mint essential oil. Toothpaste has a fresh cedar-minty aroma distinct tonic effect. It increases blood circulation, promotes better nutrients absorption and strengthening of the gums. Mint oil and resin have an antiseptic effect, killing harmful bacteria and germs. It also relieves the pain by reducing the sensitivity of the teeth.

Rich cedar composition intensely nourishes cells of the tissues, strengthens mucous membranes, prevents the development of caries, periodontal and other diseases. It heals soft tissue, injuries and helps in case of inflammation. The crushed nut shell provides gentle mechanical action, scraping off the plaque. It also eliminates unpleasant odors from the mouth and keeps the sense of freshness.

Volume: 60 ml.

Shelf life: 18 months.

Brief description:

Freshening toothpaste with natural cedar components and essential oils.

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Weight 0.14 kg
Dimensions 15.5 × 3 × 4 cm

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