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Our company is a continuation of the ideas described in the books of Vladimir Megre. Love and unity with nature, sincerity towards ourselves, people and the world around us - these are the principles on which our activities are built. We not only do business but also create and support significant social trends.

There are several directions in which we realize our social mission.


In addition to products of our own production from Megre Cedar House, our assortment includes a large number of goods from craftsmen from Kin Domains.

"First choose a place you like out of all the possible favorable places on Earth, a place where you would like to live, where you would want your children to live, and where you would be a good memory for your great-grandchildren."

Vladimir Megre received the words from Anastasia and passed them on in the books. This idea resonated with people, and settlements of Kin Domains began to form throughout Russia.

People moved from the cities to the land, began to create their family nests. And also, from the inner response, they found activities to their liking. First, they started doing something for themselves, then for their neighbors, and then it grew into a family business.

Now in Russia, there are more than 400 settlements of Kin Domains, in each of them there are families who run their own small business. They produce natural cosmetics, prepare healing ointments and other traditional medicines, keep an apiary, prepare Ivan tea, make jam and chocolate.

It is very important to us that all these entrepreneurs are building their small businesses on the ideas of books. They use gentle, environmentally friendly technologies, do not use chemicals in the cultivation of raw materials and in the manufacture of products, collect and prepare everything manually or with the help of wooden equipment. With pure thoughts and love for the environment. We wish there were more such craftsmen.

Our online store was originally planned to unite producers from Kin Domains, and so that everyone could buy this living product for themselves.


Since 2006, we have had our own taiga, which is 127 hectares entrusted to us by the state for 50 years. This was an initiative of local residents, and the decision was not easy, but now we understand that this is how we have a new level of relations with the taiga. Now, this is our special pride and one of the secrets of how to keep the living cedar energy in products.

In the early 2000s, entrepreneurs became interested in cedar oil, and brigades began to arrive in the taiga. They extracted the cone using cruel methods and knocked it down with metal stabs. They didn't care about the consequences. And after them, cedar trees died. Then the locals asked Sergei Megre to take the taiga under his wing. Since our production has been here for a long time, and the foresters trusted us, the taiga was entrusted to us.

Since then, we have been taking care of it, cleaning it of debris, protecting it from fires, looking for bark beetles, and calling doctors from forestry. But the main thing is that we protect it from poachers and their consumer attitude.

No, we do not build fences and obstacles, this taiga is still part of the life of the village people. They also help us keep order. We often bring guests here from all over Russia and from other countries as part of our tours and teach them to take care of the taiga.

To be honest, for us, this decision has become a challenge and a great responsibility to the state and local residents, because it is much easier to come to no one's forest. But at the same time, it has become a point of growth, reaching a qualitatively new level of both relationships with nature and the energy of our cedar products.


Our cedar oil is produced according to ancient Siberian technology, which has been used for hundreds of years. We have been restoring it to the smallest detail for a long time, and this technology is what we are proud of.

Unfortunately, the modern rhythm of life has made our generations forget about much that their ancestors did. But this unhurried pace, manual work, the absence of chemical additives in products and cosmetics, healing methods with natural means is what bring us closer to nature and truly preserves health.

Many residents of Kin Domains based their household productions, and indeed life itself, on the knowledge of their great-grandfathers. Some of them restore and apply the knowledge of herbalists and healers, others revive the traditions of hand spinning, making fruit leather, coffee from acorns. Siberian masters are restoring recipes for healing ointments from cedar resin, remedies with Altai mumiyo. Even in matters of beekeeping there are many nuances that were known a hundred years ago, but they have been lost.

All over Russia, old traditions, recipes, and knowledge are now being restored, and we are glad to be related to this and support it.


MEGRE production is located in a small taiga village, and all employees are residents of it. We also attract craftsmen who can make some goods at home, in their workshops on our order. For example, cedar pendants and beads, insoles made of pine nuts, wooden dishes. Some masters make exclusive goods. We have Fedor Zaitsev, a man with golden hands, he makes unusual cedar birdhouses from branches.

In Russia [perhaps not only] it is a serious problem that in rural areas the labor of people is almost not in demand. Because of this, people leave for the cities, and small villages die out.


Our planet is in desperate need of greenery. We actively participate, encourage others and organize campaigns to grow cedars.

By the way, the first product, which in 1998 was released by "Ringing Cedars" was a seed cone in a box with instructions for growing. Now in our store, you can buy nuts of the age-old cedar and plant them anywhere in the world.

In the Cedar House, there is a small cedar "kindergarten", where our employees germinate nuts and nurse small cedars for up to 2-3 years until they get stronger. Then such a seedling can be purchased from us, however, due to difficulties with delivery, so far only in Russia.

In 2021, the Anastasia Foundation of Vladimir Megre launched a campaign, within which they decided to plant a million cedars, giving cedar seedlings to everyone who wished for it.

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