FAMILY MANUFACTURE – from the very beginning

Hey there!
Let’s meet! My name is Nina Megre, I run a website, our Instagram and Facebook pages. I am very happy to see you find it interesting.

Here are the products from our small family manufacture – MEGRE Cedar House, located in the Siberian village (Russia).

So this is how our manufacture looks today and I will share its story below.


Main entrance to the manufacture

Back in 1998, my father Sergey, inspired by the series of books “Ringing cedars of Russia”, began production of cedar nut oil. Every year my father tried to improve the product, restoring the crumbs of the ancient recipe (not for nothing properly prepared cedar nut oil is called a remedy for 100 diseases).
So, in 2003 our manufacture moved to the remote Siberian village.
In 2011 – at the request of the villagers MEGRE Cedar House took a long-term lease of the taiga district. Together with local people we protect it from hunters and also collect cones for cedar products.


At the same time there was built a house entirely of Cedarwood and dad moved there the main production processes.
In 2016 – my father Sergey created the most unique product in the world – MEGRE Cedar elixir. Doctors are still conducting tests and I personally participated in one of them, but the results are already amazing. I will write more about the elixir in my blog very soon.


Elixir in the hands of its creator – Sergey Megre


In 2017 – we break new ground and recreate the natural conditions of storage for cedar cones, building a House for cones entirely of Cedarwood.


House for cedar coned is huge 🙂


Cedar cones in their new house

Scientists from different countries come to our Siberian manufacture and watch the processes with interest.

The result of a long journey were grateful reviews from all over the world, amazing stories of people who have tested the work of our, restored bit by bit, ancient recipe of Megre cedar nut oil. We produce it in different ways, it depends on the purpose of application.
We expanded the product range intuitively. For example, when we needed natural toothpaste, we made it for ourselves. Then some of our friends asked to try, then friends of friends from other cities.


MEGRE pine nut oils


My favourite toothpaste with cedar essential oil 🙂

With Angela (reader of Vladimir Megre books
from US) on Frankfurt Book Fair 2018

I studied English since the age of 6, and since the age of 18 I began to communicate with publishers of books of my grandfather Vladimir Megre from other countries. I found it Interesting to communicate with like-minded people outside Russia and I decided to create a Facebook page.

From time to time I was asked to send our cedar nut oil or other products to different countries. When there were too many requests I decided to create an online store with worldwide delivery.

Needless to say, I use cedar products every day and I love them. In this article, I am sharing 10 of my favourite products from our family manufacture.

It was very hard to select only 10, because I use and love all of them. So, I tried to focus on items I use daily right now, and explain what exactly I do with them.

Take a look into my selection and learn more about how you can also apply cedar products in your daily life.