Volume VIII, Part 1: The New Civilization Buy Online — MegreLLCVolume VIII, Part 1: The New Civilization Buy Online — MegreLLC
8.1-The New Civilization, part 1

Volume VIII, Part 1: The New Civilization

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“The New Civilization”, the first part of eighth book of the Series describes yet another visit by Vladimir Megre to Anastasia and their son, and offers new insights into practical co-operation with Nature, showing in ever greater detail how Anastasia’s lifestyle applies to our lives. Describing how the visions presented in previous volumes have already taken beautiful form in real life and produced massive changes in Russia and beyond, the author discerns the birth of a new civilization. The book also paints a vivid image of America’s radiant future, in which the conflict between the powerful and the helpless, the rich and the poor, the city and the country, can be transcended and thereby lead to transformations in both the individual and society.


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