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Seat filled with cedar chip


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Seat of cedar shavings is necessary for everyone, because the main part of the day we spend sitting. We sit at work, at home, in the car. The seat of cedar shavings will help to solve problems, related to sedentary lifestyle. Thanks to cedar shavings there is a constant circulation of air flow, which creates a conditioning effect. The seat has excellent massage effect.

It is noticed that people in contact with the cedar (wood carvers, carpenters) have good health. And no wonder – the shavings of cedar have anti-microbial, aromatic and bio-energy properties. Cedar shavings seat disinfect the air in the room and fills it with fragrance of the forest, which improves the nervous system: has a tonic effect and alleviates stress. Cedar shavings prevent dust mites.

Size: 40*40


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