Чай Лабазник

Siberian Ivan Tea


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with Meadowsweet, fermented, 110 g.

Siberian Ivan Tea drink

Composition: fermented fireweed herb, inflorescence of meadowsweet.

Grass and inflorescences of meadowsweet have a strong honey-sweet taste and aroma. In the Altai Mountains the locals call the tea of meadowsweet “mowing of tea”. Siberian Ivan Tea with Meadowsweet is the best way to keep from catching a cold. Shepherds and foresters drink it while mowing and don’t get sick, despite the cold nights in the mountains. Tea meadowsweet is very tasty, fragrant and even without sugar it seems sweet. The drink is good for weight loss, it is also recommended in case of diabetes.

Additional information

Weight0.35 kg
Dimensions8.5 x 7 x 10 cm


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