Карамель леденц с масл кедровым и маслом эвкалипта

Cedar Cough Drops


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Cedar Oil & Eucalyptus oil

Dear friends, you are well acquainted with Cedra Cedar Cone Oil Cough Drops. It rightfully earned the respect of dealers and consumers. In the development of interesting directions we have created a similar caramel with pure cedar oil.

Cedar oil was used for centuries to relieve sore throat and fight against colds and inflammatory processes. Cedar oil gently obduces the throat, relieves pain, facilitates swallowing of saliva and has great antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, accelerating recovery.

Eucalyptus oil is traditionally used for the treatment of upper respiratory tract infection. It has strong antiseptic and healing effect, gives the caramel a nice fresh taste.

Ingredients: Isomalt, Starch syrup, Cedar nut oil, Eucalyptus oil.

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