Карам с маслом из шиш сиб кедра с облепихой
Карам с маслом из шиш сиб кедра с облепихой 1

Cedar Cough Drops


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Siberian Cedar Cone Oil with Sea-buckthorn

CEDRA cough drops are the best way to relive the condition of sore throat and freshen breath. Cedra Cough Drops are created on the basis of cedar oil: the most valuable gift of the “Taiga Doctor”.

Cone oil is famous for its composition: cedar nut kernel oil, petal cedar cone essential oil, cedar oleoresin, cedar nut shell.

Ingredients: Isomalt, Syrup, Siberian cedar cone oil, Sea-buckthorn natural flavoring, Natural coloring.

Directions: 3-6 drops per day. Dissolve slowly in the mouth. Do not chew. Repeat every 2- 3 hours.

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