Подушка из лепестков кедровой шишки

Cedar Pillow


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Cone’s Leaves Filled

Cedar Cones Filled Pillow – product formed by nature it!

• Cedar Cones Filler exudes a pleasant smell of cedar taiga, contains esters and resin, upon exhalation which there is a constant improvement of the body.

•Allocate phytoncides destroy pathogenic microbes and beneficial effect on the human psyche.

•Micro massage effect on the skin improves blood circulation, promotes the smoothing of wrinkles and puffiness of the face.

•Stimulation of acupuncture points on the ears has a beneficial effect on all internal organs.

Deep sleep on a Cedar Cones Filled Pillow will give You energy, health and mood for the whole day!

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Weight1.55 kg
Dimensions60 x 45 x 10 cm


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