Сбор масло кедр с живицей
Сбор масло кедр с живицей бут

Cedar nut Oil


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Unrefined Cold Pressed enriched with Cedar Resin 5%, 100 ml.

First Cold Pressing Oil, pressed with wooden presses.

Made in the OOO “Megre” taiga manufacture, 2 km away from the Siberian taiga.
Cedar resin is a natural antiseptic.

It is common knowledge that cedar forests – a unique factory of oxygen, saturated with negative ions and phytoncides, an ideal environment for healthy human rest. Under the canopy of a forest in 1 cubic meter of air on average only 200-300 microbial cells, because the volatile cedar kills them possessing antimicrobial activity. The air in the cedar forest can be considered almost sterile.

Resin helps to cleanse the membranes of the cells, restoring their function, normalizing cellular metabolism.
Cedar resin is a great immunostimulant, which restores the vital energy of the body.

During the Great Patriotic War resin balsam has been successfully used in military hospitals. It helped to reduce period of treatment and saved many lives. Therefore, you can make the assumption that the Cedar Oil enriched with Cedar Resin allows to keep and improve the useful properties of Cedar Oil.

Cedar Oil enriched with Cedar Resin. Recommendations for use:

  • for the prevention of deficiency of omega-6 and vitamin E;
  • as a general tonic;
  • in complex therapy in the treatment of tuberculosis, oncological diseases, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (gastritis with high acidity, gastric ulcer, duodenitis, constipation, proctitis), increased fragility of hair and nails, gynecological diseases (colpitis, endocervicitis, cervical erosion).

Since autumn 2011, we carried sorting process of cedar kernel to the first floor of Cedar House. Only women are involved in the sorting process of cedar kernel.

100 ml in a glass bottle in individual cardboard pack with an attachment of instructions.

Shelf life: 12 months.

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