Валик из лепестков кедровой шишки

Cedar Cone Bolster


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Cedar cone bolster gently massaging your head, relieving fatigue and pain in the neck, head and shoulders.

Cedar cone bolster is suitable for people with back problems and for those who want to avoid back problems in the future.

Bolster should be rigid enough; you can put bolster under the neck, thus achieving the correct anatomical position of the body.

Another way of using bolster – put it under the feet. Thus, we achieve the necessary knees bent. The body is resting due to the blood outflow in this position.

Cedar Cone Bolster – product created by nature.

Cedar Cone exudes a pleasant smell of cedar taiga and contains esters and oleoresin: there is a constant improvement of the body by inhalation.

Additional information

Weight1.8 kg
Dimensions40 x 17 x 17 cm


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