Belye Rosy (White Dew) Family Homestead Settlement

Belye Rosy (White Dew) Family Homestead Settlement is a settlement, consisting of family homesteads, the size of which is approximately 1 ha. The total area of the settlement is 10 hectares, there are 8 plots, 1 family reside permanently. It is planned to expand areas of settlement.

Belye Rosy is located in the North-Western slope of a small mountain, one kilometer away from the Moty village and the Federal highway, 50 kilometers away from Baikal. Irkut River and Shaman’s rock are about four kilometers away from the settlement. Shaman rock is a natural monument of Irkutsk oblast. This rock is a subject of many popular legends and myths about Baikal Lake.

Belye Rosy (White Dew) Family Homestead Settlement is based on a dacha non-commercial association. Settlement land has agricultural status; land is in rent for 49 years.

Mixed forest is near the settlement. There is no electricity. There is mobile communication. Holidays and other events take place in the settlement throughout the year.

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