The series of books by Vladimir Megre

The series of books by Vladimir Megre

«Not being a writer, without any experience in writing creatively, I have to apologize to my readers for the narrative style. These books don’t belong to social and political journalism or fiction, fantastic or adventure stories. In spite of all the phenomenal and fantastic events which have been described. I have failed to determine its genre.»


  1. I am absolutely taken by heart by the series of Ringing Cedars of Russia. I can’t stop telling everyone about Anastasia and Vladimir Megre and I keep buying the first book over and over as a gift for many of my friends, they usually get hook after reading the book and purchase the rest of the series. It should be a mandatory read in our schools.

    1. Absolutely!!! I orderedbooks off Amazon because only the first 3 were on Kindle. I just ordered some cedar nut oil. I llove the awesome infused in all this delicious reading & products. Yah!! So fun to experience this now!!

  2. I share the very positive sentiment expressed above by Alena & Michael and mention these books and their lessons to others frequently. I too was deeply engaged by the shakti or spiritual energy of the books Vladimir has written, perhaps channeled, telling of his adventures with Anastasia in the tiaga, sharing her many teachings and the story of their son. In these we can find inspiration to create, as Joseph Campbell has asked us to do, NEW Myths to inspire us and LIVE by, replacing the old myths we’ve been hypnotized & DYING by: “The Fall From Grace”, “Exit From the Garden” (of Eden) and even a belief in the inevitability of death. WE TOO can now begin our own return to the natural world, trusting all it offers and embracing OUR OWN divine powers, some of which Anastasia has demonstrated, and flirt with the possibility of conquering death as Yeshua (Jesus) and Father Fedorea(sp?) have done.
    I was gifted my own “Ray” by reading these books and had confirmed in the chapter on Father Fedorea(sp?), my belief in the possibility of Physical Immortality. We certainly need to design & operate schools base on her teachings. Life is both Good and Safe, in the Garden where Anastasia lives. We have nothing to fear. It is time for US to return.

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